Tartan Two-Step

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Book 1 in the Trouble Wears Tartan series

Welcome to Montana a land of fine whisky, big-spread ranches, and an open prairie of possibilities…

Scottish whisky distiller Magnus Brodie’s long-anticipated bicentennial batch of whisky has been sabotaged. His sole hope to prevent financial disaster? Buy the Logan brothers’ Montana distillery. It’s the only way to secure Bridget MacDeaver’s services as a “cask-whisperer.”

Bridget refuses to sell her grandpa’s distillery, even to save her brothers’ ranch. When an old enemy threatens, her only ally is the man who’s determined to steal her grandpa’s legacy—and her heart!

Grace is thrilled to bring to readers her first Contemporary Romances, lovingly set in Scotland,
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Tartan Two-Step:

Grace Burrowes Publishing

Series: Trouble Wears Tartan

Apr 11, 2017

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Grace's Genres: Scotland Contemporary

Bridget MacDeever is permitting herself a rare hook-up with Scotsman Magnus Brodie. She likes what she sees, but he’s just passing through, which makes him perfect—right?

Magnus was sprawled in one of the hotel room’s wing chairs in the sitting room half of his accommodations. He was an attractive man, even just checking messages, but Montana was full of handsome specimens.

“Everyone OK back home?” Bridget asked, taking the second wing chair.

“Everyone’s fast asleep,” Magnus said. “Or just about the wake up. Have you let somebody know where you are?”

That was hook up safety rule number one, wasn’t it? “Have you?”

“My cousin, Elias. I hope I woke him up too, given all the times he’s sent me cheery little texts from Monaco or Budapest or Singapore.”

Magnus surprised her. Guys didn’t observe the hook up safety protocol, but Magnus had. Even Harley’s friends didn’t try to talk him down from stupid decisions, but Magnus had. Guys didn’t linger over a shared dessert of huckleberry cheesecake when the rest of the evening had been agreed to, but Magnus had.

He’d studied business law, with a side of land use—a big deal in Scotland, apparently—and had an undergrad in environmental science.

“You ever been married, Magnus?”

He put the phone down. “I am not married, Bridget, and neither are you. I also don’t have children or a dog, though I am permitted to share my quarters with a pair of geriatric cats. Having second thoughts?”

“Having I-don’t-recall-the-tune, can-you-hum-a-few-bars thoughts.” The whisky glow had worn off, which also didn’t help a gal get her buckaroo on.

Magnus rose, scooped her up, and resettled in the chair with her in his lap.

Bridget was too surprised to fuss him for it.

“Hum a few bars, she says to a man who’s notoriously tone deaf. I liked it when you sat next me, right next to me. I like how indignant you became when my fork ventured too close to your half of a forty-pound piece of cheesecake. I like that arguing with family doesn’t sit well with you, but I wish you could put that aside for a moment and kiss me.”

She scooted around so she straddled his lap. “I can manage that last.”

She’d brushed her teeth twice, and apparently, Magnus had found a moment to brush his as well. Another surprise, maybe the best one so far.

Thank God, he wasn’t a pushy kisser. He let Bridget make the overtures, and she wasn’t in a hurry. Heaven knew when she’d find another dance partner, so she intended to savor the one she’d lassoed.

Magnus apparently intended to savor her too.

He slid his hands around her waist, then up her back, tracing bones, exploring muscles, and easing away tension. He threaded his fingers into her hair and cradled the back of her head as she took a taste of his mouth.

They slow-danced through their first kiss, and Bridget let go of worries she’d been clutching too close for too long. Things at home had hit the fan, but in this space, with this man, everything was easy and sweet.

In another few minutes, Bridget was lying across Magnus’s lap, unbuttoning his shirt, and toeing off her flats. Her phone buzzed, but it took her mind a few moments to distinguish the sensation in her back pocket from all the pleasure gathering inside her.

“Phone,” she muttered against Magnus’s mouth.

He eased away, and Bridget scooted around to glower at her screen.

Martina. Everything OK?

Bridget texted back the hotel and room number. Going just fine. For a damned change.

She got a smiley face in return, turned off the ringer, and set the phone beside Magnus’s on the end table.

“You, sir, are wearing too many clothes.”

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Grace Burrowes Publishing

April 11, 2017


Available in a digital duet with M.L. Buchman.

Two novels in a single print book would have been a BIG book, so we're doing the ebooks in the Big Sky Ever After bundle, and setting up each print book as a single title. Hope that makes sense!


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