The only unmarried Windham sibling, Lady Jenny would not mind so very much taking care of her parents, if only she could study art in Paris for a few years first. Jenny longs for both an artistic challenge, and for a small taste of the passion life holds for those with the courage to seize it. Lord Elijah Harrington arrives to the Windham household to spend the Yule season painting portraits commissioned by Their Graces, and Jenny thinks she’s met not only a kindred spirit, but a man she might love. Alas, for Jenny—and Elijah—honor has obligated him elsewhere, and while ‘tis the season to be merry, for Jenny and Elijah it will take a miracle to bring them their happily ever after.

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Three young, wealthy titled women decide to spend the social Season admiring the bucolic splendor of the Yorkshire Dales rather than dodging fortune hunters and scandalmongers in London. A fine plan–until the ladies’ traveling coach lands in a muddy ditch, and foul weather strands them at the estate of Kit Stirling, a rake of the first water. As luck (or Cupid?) would have it, Kit and his two friends, Sir Greyville Trent and Col. Nathanial Stratton, also have no patience with matchmaking and romance…. or so they insist.

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April 2017

Tartan Two-Step

exclusively available in the Big Sky Ever After duet

Book 1 in the Trouble Wears Tartan series

Magnus Brodie needs an expert to save his signature batch of whisky, and Bridget MacDeaver needs a miracle to outwit and old enemy. Even so, she refuses to sell her distillery to the Scotsman who’s determined to steal her heart. 

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July 2017

Too Scot to Handle

Book 2 in the Windham Brides series

Colin MacHugh is trying to come up to scratch as the brother and heir of a newly minted duke, but Polite Society isn’t keen on a former army captain acquiring even a courtesy title. At the suggestion of an aristocratic friend, Colin takes an interest in a charitable home for urchins. Miss Anwen Windham is devoted to the same institution, and as Colin and Anwen work together to save the failing orphanage, their interest in each other becomes passionate.

When the orphanage’s troubles take a criminal turn, everybody is suspect, from Colin, to the children, to Anwen. If Colin blows retreat and heads home to Scotland, the orphanage will surely fail. If he stays to fight the accusations coming at him from all sides, he could lose a future with Anwen–and his life….

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Fall 2017

Elias in Love

(working title)

Book 2 in the Trouble Wears Tartan series

Elias Brodie has one asset he can sell to pay for repairs to a castle that’s been in his family for centuries–a nice, big farm in rural Maryland. He crosses the pond thinking to flip the parcel for a small fortune, only to find that Violet Hughes, his immediate neighbor, will fight development in her valley any way she can–even if she’s falling in love with the guy determined to cause that very disaster.

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November 2017

No Other Duke Will Do

Book 3 in the Windham Brides series

Genre: Historical

Julian, Duke of Haverford, is barely keeping his handsome head above water amid a sea of inherited debts. His sister, Lady Glenys, decides to throw a house party Julian can ill afford in hopes of finding an heiress for him to marry. Julian tries to turn this disaster into opportunity by inviting every well-heeled bachelor in the realm, because Lady Glenys is also in want of a spouse.

Elizabeth Windham is among the guests at the Haverford house party, though her goal is to elude matchmaking from any quarter. Julian and Elizabeth are attracted, however, despite meddling siblings, financial woes, and gossips lurking behind every potted palm. Just as Julian and Elizabeth realize that they can snatch true love from the jaws of duty, Julian’s difficulties become ruinous. Which will it be? True love or true disaster?

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Publication Date TBD

Scotland to the Max

(working title)

Book 3 in the Trouble Wears Tartan series

Maxwell Maitland is willing to travel to Scotland if that’s where the next big development project takes him, but when he gets to the site, nothing goes according to plan. Single mom Jeannie Brodie is on hand to smooth out problems with the locals, but she creates utter chaos in Max’s highly organized, schedule-driven heart.

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Coming in 2017…

The second book in the Trouble Wears Tartan series is already in production, and finds Elias Brodie, Scottish entrepreneur-at-large, passing through Damson Valley, of the Sweetest Kisses series fame. Violet Hughes farms the land across the lane from Elias’s property, and in her, he’s met his match. (He just doesn’t figure that out until, oh, maybe page 217.) Others stories in the queue include another Jaded Gentleman scheduled for late spring that will feature a happily ever after for Hessian Kettering, Lord Grampion (aka Grumpy-pants); a novella quartet in September titled, “How to Find a Duke in Ten Days,” and more novellas as the year comes to a close. (And yes, for those wondering, all four Windham Brides will get their HEAs!)

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