You Know It’s Love If…. by Marcella Rose

Yesterday, Mia Marlowe asked us to think about whether we fall hard and fast, or slow and steady. Author Marcella Rose asks a more fundamental question: How do you know?

I’m circling the last wagon in Lord Valentine’s blog caravan and reading the previous posts has brought back some memories and a few parallels between the dear husband and Cass McKay, hero in my novella, “Fire In My Blood.”

When I met my DH, I was doing a regular singing gig at a local restaurant and he had a fondness for certain songs in my repertoire, one of them Anne Murray’s “Could I Have this Dance.” On our first date he took me to a bar, dropped some quarters in the jukebox, pushed the numbers for that song, and led me onto the dance floor.

If you’re not familiar with the song, the lyrics go, “Could I have this dance, for the rest of my life. Would you be my partner, every night? When we’re together, it feels so right… as we moved together, I knew forever, you’re all I’ll ever need.”

And playing after that, “Lion in the Winter” by Hoyt Axton – “and when I first saw you I first loved you”…

We’d danced for thirty minutes or so, then he stopped in the middle of the dance floor, looked down at me with an expression of what I remember now as shock and awe, and said, “Woman, I just about love you!”

 Yeah… but wait! What does any guy do when he’s gotten caught up in the moment?  He crawfished. When I reminded him of it – dumb – he said, “I take it back.” I told him he couldn’t take it back.

 So, he hedged. “What is love?” he said, obviously a rhetorical question. I guess he eventually figured it out, since we’ve been together over 35 years. I have to admit, the intimate dance, and playing those songs was a charming touch. But don’t think for a moment he didn’t know what he was doing.

Cass McKay know what he’s doing, too.  The Aussie gem hunter wants Elektra back, and he believes he has the perfect bait – the “Blood” opal which was stolen from them – wow, what a coincidence! – exactly one year ago today! Isn’t it just like a man to think a big rock will make things right? And a little rumba – did I mention Cass is an expert Latin dancer? He’ll use whatever tools he finds at his disposal to get a second chance.

 Elektra’s got a secret and her strategy for keeping Cass out of danger is to keep him very, very close. But her plans backfire when Cass realizes that Elektra fell into his bed a little too quickly, and unless they have love and trust nothing else matters. So he sets off to get the opal for her, whatever it takes, for love alone, no matter the outcome. He’s figured out what love is, and Elektra is playing catch up.

 So I’m curious: What is love? How does one prove one’s love? And how do you know you’ve found it?

One commenter will win an ebook copy of Fire In My Blood, the first novella in the Gem Hunter novellas and your choice of Grace’s books. Available in all formats for e-readers and PC at Amazon, Smashwords, ARE. All commenters will be entered to win the Nook being given away tomorrow. Follow Marcella on Twitter @marcellarosewri and FB.

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30 comments on “You Know It’s Love If…. by Marcella Rose

  1. Now, isn’t that just like an alpha-male to “take back” his words of love? But thirty-five years speak for themselves. Congratulations on Fire In My Blood’s release. It is an emotionally satisfying story…and pretty darn hot, too!

  2. I fell slow for my husband. I didn’t even like him when we first met. Then something happened and he was all I could think about. I always tell him I chased him for years until he caught me. But it must have worked we’ve been together for 35 years, married for 15 of those.


  3. For me love is when my husband will go into a bookstore and buy me romance novels and chocolate for no reason there’s no holiday or anniversary and presents them to me with a hug and kiss. Wehave been married 17 years.

    • Aw, Gail. That is a sweet man. Keep him!

      I remember a poem written on two pages of notebook paper my husband gave me when we’d been separated due to his job for a couple months, not publishable material but it had his heart written all over it.

  4. Thanks for the blog Marcella!

    For me love is finding someone with honor and a core strength, who I can trust to be there when the world is crumbling, and who whispers softly in the night, it will be all right.

  5. Isn’t that the question of all questions! Hmmm…this will be good practice for me for the day one of my daughters asks “How did you know you loved Dad?” (that day can certainly wait a bit!)
    There are so many things that could be part of the answer, so many pieces that fell into place for me to know that he was my love…but when I think about it and try to narrow it down to the ONE THING that made me stop and say to myself “I love him,” I suppose it was the moment I became aware of how AWARE I was of him. Anytime we were in the same room – no matter how big or crowded, I was instantly conscious of it, everything about me changed…like a static charge moved through the air between us and I tingled with that awareness. (Still do, though the electric current is more subtle these days).

    PS – cool name for your heroine and that cover is HOT! (pun not intended until I just looked at the title again 😉

    PPS – Thanks for this series of posts, Grace. They have reminded me how much I love my man – brought back wonderful memories – and helped me appreciate how lucky I am! (Who could ask for more on Valentine’s Day? Well, I confess, I’d like the Nook too – but if I don’t win, I still got so much from this! Thanks to all the other commenters for sharing their stories as well.

    • What a great description of what happens between a man and a woman, Melonie. And like you, until I began preparing this post, I’d forgotten some of the sweet stories of our first days.

      You know Cass looked like that the day he came to me, looked THROUGH me to Elektra. His love, their story and the title leapt from the air into my heart the day I saw him leaning against the wall of her antiquities shop, desperate to win her back.

      Thanks for sharing your heart.

  6. Oh, wow. How to describe the melange of emotions that come with The One. The was a strong sense of someone I’d missed for a long time, yet knew very well, appearing at my side again. “Oh, there you are! Come on, we have a life to discover.” A peace, deeper relaxation than before, interspersed with toe-curling passion. Unheard of possibilities became preferred roads to travel. Same, yet different.

    • Well, I can tell you found the One, Larisa. The peace and relaxation is something that’s not give the credit it deserves. Remember the anxiety of being ‘on the market’, trying to find the One? the questions and inability to totally relax in someone’s company, the constant worry that you’d say something wrong, mess up your one chance?

      I don’t miss that.

      And then there’s the toe curling passion.

  7. Great story – I love that he knew exactly what he was doing, and you knew that he knew it.

    Lots of great comments here. I think the reason we’re still together after all these years is we’ve always worked as a team, with each one aware of the other’s wants and needs.

    And he brings me flowers

    Every week

    • Ohhh, really? That’s one thing the DH doesn’t do. He actually counts up my roses in the yard to see if I got my money’s worth. “If you can’t eat ’em…” (His favorite yard tool is Roundup.)

      Lucky you!

  8. Love for me was when my soon to be husband offered me a ride across Ft. Lee, VA to the barracks I’d be living in while I trained as a cook for the Army back in ’77. We met January 2, 1977 and were married February 3, 1977. Though it only lasted a little over 18 months until I was widowed in August of ’78, I still cherish those few months together.
    I remember looking at him as he walked past me and went out the door. He was wearing a red and black plaid jacket, jeans, and boots, and thinking to myself “There goes a “good old country boy” I’d love to get to know better. Imagine my amazement when he came back in about an hour later just as I was contemplating a cold, lonely walk across the post and offered me a ride. We went out that Friday night, he proposed on our second date by asking me if I wanted to go to Germany, instead we went to Hawaii in just under a year. Loved every minute with him.

    • Oh, Molly. It sounds like the memories are just as close to your heart now as they ever were. I’m sorry you didn’t have many more years with this special guy and I hope love found you again. Thanks for sharing that special time with us.

  9. I can’t wait to read this book. It looks smokin’ hot! Are regular opals worth much? (I’m so ignorant when it comes to rocks and gems) My grandmother collected opals when she was alive. She had several that were 2″ in diameter or so. I wonder if my mom ever had them appraised…

    As for true love, I’ve always said, “True love is your significant other holding your hair back when you’re throwing up.” LOL. Kinda gross, but so true.

    • Hi, Becky, I learned a lot about opals following Cass and Elektra around. Lots of things go into the worth of opals, color, brightness of the fire, size, whether there are cracks, if it’s natural or synthetic. One thing that I didn’t know is that opals are so close to liquid in composition and you should never where one when washing your hands, etc. which I don’t think the average woman is aware of.

      But one of the coolest things about the Fire Opal are the legends attached to it, like it glows when in the presence of destined lovers. And it attracts positive people! Maybe that’s why they are in your possession ;))

      Hope you enjoy Fire In My Blood.

  10. Wow. This one got me thinking. And I’m a thinker. What is love? Is it molecules mingling between two people,a crackling and sizzling chemistry. Is it dependence, an ease and comfort? My guess is that it’s both. I think it’s changed and will continue to change as life carries on. Once it was probably a huge amount of hormones in my brain coupled with ideals and ideas, a sense of comfort and fun. Total absorption into another human being, mind body and soul. I think it changes when you enter a long term relationship. There is still the sizzle, but there is a steadiness, a sense that it won’t flare out. The molecules bond cohesively.
    loved your love story it made me flutter. Thanks for sharing.
    p.s I am a rock nerd, I minored in Geology. I am grateful to have been introduced to these novellas!

    • Thanks, Allison. Looks like I’ll have to dream up something good for the sequel. You’re right. Love starts out as that snap, crackle and burn and gradually changes if we’re lucky to a glowing ember, a dependable kind of fire. Thanks for dropping in.

  11. I know this will sound odd but I think we have a capability to -just know – when we find love. We all just have to be willing to stop and listen to our natural instincts. Its the fact that we all have very hectic lives and things that demand our attention all this stuff tends to block out the instincts that we all have. As far as what love is that depends on the person. However my idea of what love is, is simple: love does not judge, harm or destroy; love is patient, kind, caring, forgiving, it is being honest when it is hardest to do so and being willing to always to help others that are in need, to not be afraid to have a slice of humble pie when we are in the wrong.
    Love such a funny thing sometimes.

    • Some excellent points, Sammy. Being able to be still and know what our instincts are telling us and that humility thing. That’s a big part of making it long term. And honesty when it’s hard…that takes a fearlessness that a couple must grow into. Appreciate your thoughtful post.

      • Thanks I have on occasion let life cloud my instincts and that is normal when I find not works the it should. Its a lot like when a mom says to someone in direct medical care for their child “I don’t know what is wrong with him/her but I know there is something wrong “; they are normally right. We will just know.

    • He’s the ‘only’ ONE in his family but I’m looking for a good woman for grandson…who’s as close to perfect as they get, to me anyway. ;))