Raindrops on Roses

tortoiseXbabyThe news is daunting these days, but then–when isn’t the news daunting? The news thrives on being daunting, and as much as I believe a voting American has a duty to remain well informed about current affairs, I also believe the media has abdicated any sense of balance in favor of spewing a constant stream of ratings bait. 

tigerThe bad news is not the whole story, though. Homelessness nationally is trending down, and among vets it’s way down (36 to 50 percent, depending on the definition used). For the first time in a hundred years, the Galapagos Island turtles are having babies–hundreds of them–that survive to hatch. 

Or how ’bout this: The North American bison, brown pelican, and humpback whale have all been brought back from the brink of extinction. The Siberian tiger population has grown to ten times its all time low, and the California condor–down to 22 known individuals in 1982–now numbers in the several hundreds, half of them wild. 

bisonSo, yes we have problems, and there’s much to worry about and work on, but we’re also capable of relentless determination, ingenuity, and resilience. And lo, yonder comes the holiday season, and I’m here to say, there’s a lot to celebrate. 

I get to watch Rudolph, and see my fave squeeze, the Bumble, put the star on the tree. 

Eggnog–one glass, with a dash of nutmeg. 

bumble-rudolph.jpg-5520The first snow flurries. 

Gifts in the mail–my sister sent me flannel sheets! 

The peace on earth in January, when we no longer have to listen to Those Songs… you know the ones I mean. Do not say their names, or you will condemn us all to earworms. 

Days off, even they’re not off. When most everybody else is not in the office, even if I AM in the office, it’s half way to a holiday. 

So, yes, we need to solve our problems, but we also need to rejoice and recall our successes, because those are real and important too. 

Heard any good news lately? To one commenter, I’ll send a signed copy of Axel–The Jaded Gentlemen, Book III. 



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21 comments on “Raindrops on Roses

  1. I have never been one of those people who didn’t want to know what was going on in the world. Best sources for news on TV are PBS, BBC and Aljazeera. More real news and less bulls**t. There are also newspaper and magazine articles on line that are very informative. It is irritating that I have to go looking for credible news sources.

    But the really good news to me is that I still enjoy Christmas tremendously. Thanks to a strong religious upbringing as a child, I can still appreciate the holiness of the season and not get caught up (too much) in the gross commercialization of it.

    Favorite Christmas movie of all time: A Christmas Story. That story looks like a slice of my own childhood.

      • “Tis true–We’re bundling a pair of novellas together for an April release that will be titled, “Once Upon a Dream.” I’ve already read Mary’s story, and all I can say is… I love Bewcastle. He was my first duke, and you never get over your first duke! My story is Elias and Anne’s tale–we met them in May I Have This Duke, which is from the (now sale priced) Dancing in the Duke’s Arms.

      • OMG…It’s Mary Balogh fault i got back into historical romance and Slightly Dangerous is in my top 5 romance books. So excited to see a book from you and Mary!

  2. Celebrate!
    The first snowflakes!
    Finding the Christmas Stockings!
    Decorating the tree– love looking at the ornaments as each one has meaning.
    Seeing the outside lights and candles in the windows as I pull in the drive. The lights are a welcoming sight after a long day at work & longer commute.
    Frank Sinatra’s Ave Maria, Johnny Mathis’ Sleigh Ride and Dean Martin’s Marshmellow World & Baby Its Cold Out There. ( I love the classics)
    Celeste– because she loves me for me.
    Trying to keep the holiday spirit all year long.

    Good news!
    My husband saw a man pay for someone else’s groceries last week. Just to be nice!
    A regular at my daughters Dunkin Donuts tipped my daughter and her coworker $10/each on Thanksgiving! He was happy to get his coffee and donut on the holiday.
    Our friend stopped by for Thansgiving dinner. Great meal, friends and lots of laughter!

  3. Three more weeks. We now cling to the idea of three more weeks and then in January we get a whole new crop of kids.

    And the new nephew is here. Finally! It only took him an extra week and a half.

    I cut off the cable several months ago. The only thing I miss is the morning news crew on the Nashville CBS affiliate. So I stay somewhat oblivious to what is happening in the world and it makes daily life more pleasant.

    • One thing I wish we’d agree to do nationwide that would make everybody’s life more pleasant: Cut campaign season down to weeks instead of years. I mean… can the media lobby REALLY be that powerful? Don’t answer that…

  4. Beginning in umm, let’s say, early November, it is my busy season. I am (and my choirs) probably responsible for some of those ear worms (and I have a new, Hanukkah ear worm that’s makin’ ME crazy this year)you mention so I won’t mention any here! In short, except for the BIG news I can’t avoid, I don’t know what’s happening at this time of year.

    I am usually a very informed person. I read (not on online)the daily newspaper of record here in Chicago, daily. I occasionally watch the local TV news but stay away (always have)from the cable news network ’cause they make me mad.
    But once a year, when my profession and my family obligations converge, I blithely go through my days uninformed. It is not really on purpose I am uninformed, it is just busy combined with details and baking.

    As to my *Good News*—singing in choirs makes us feel better. We breathe together, we sing the same words together and we work toward the same goal. Choral singers are happier than those who don’t sing in choirs and it doesn’t matter what type of choir—school, church, community—we sing in. There are plenty of other types of choirs than the ones you usually think about–choirs for cancers survivors, choirs in the work place (the Chicago Bar Association has a famous one, Grace, and GM had one for years for their employees), choirs for disabled adults and for veterans and for SPOUSES of those serving in the military. So that is my *Good News*…not really that new but it’s GOOD!

      • No YouTube link….we are very careful with licensing fees etc. but in the next week or so we’ll be posting a Good King W. arrangement done by one of my singers on our Facebook page. Will let you know when!

  5. My good news is good friends just adopted a puppy from a shelter. I’m so glad when people gets their pets from a shelter!! And he’s so cute.

  6. Today my daughter had our tree trimming party this year – her and her new husband bought a house that is large enough for our entire family and it so happened to be my birthday too – so it was a glorious day!!!

  7. Some local good news for me. 1.) An animal hoarding situation ended with all of the pets saved and quickly finding new homes. 2.) Black Friday madness, while still going strong seemed to take a step back this year with the real madness and violence – that or the local stations didn’t report on it this year. 3.) We are phasing in the Christmas music this year and only adding one Pandora station every few days – so with any luck we won’t be totally fed up with the same songs before Christmas comes. 😉

    I’m thrilled about your book with Mary Balogh, Grace! I completely enjoyed Christmas in Duke Street and just had to go back and reread A Knight Before Christmas from In the Dukes Arms.

  8. My good news is a clarified diagnosis of an additional weird rare problem and the approval for the ridiculously expensive treatment, complete with financial aid coverage. Medically speaking Christmas arrived today, with bells on. Off to go celebrate by looking at baby turtle photos, thank you!

  9. I found new slippers that fit my big feet when they were on half-price sale, which made them actually affordable. Sheepskin ankle booties with traction soles can get expensive at full price.

    Enjoy the flannel sheets, I use them year round, even during the heat waves.

  10. THANK YOU so very much for the positive news! I went on a news diet a few years ago, and my overall peace of mind has increased tremendously. Consequently, my whole life has been ever so much more enjoyable. Yes, bad stuff happens, but the good far outweighs the bad.

    My good news is that I recently stumbled upon a sweet and engaging TV show, The Great British Baking Show. It just makes me feel good. Season 1 is on Netflix and I watched Season 2 on PBS. And I don’t even cook. 🙂

    Another bit of good news is that Axel releases on my birthday. My pre-order will be waiting for me when I awake.

  11. I’m having a really cranky day. Thanks for the news about the tortoises. The other news too, but the tortoises really picked me up. Good news is we’re taking our granddaughters out to help us pick out our Christmas tree on Saturday. We’re going to cut it off our farm. We’re going to haul it to our 135 year old house. We’re going to decorate it with our ornaments, including some that were my great-grandmother’s. I’m going shopping with my mother on Thursday. It’s going to be fine.