Yours Gratefully….

grisAt a time when the air is full of uncertainty, heartache, disappointment, and anger, this I know: I am grateful. 

Grateful to have the necessities of life–food, clothing, shelter from the elements as winter closes in, reasonably priced medication for chronic conditions, and a lot of general good health otherwise.

Grateful for basics that will contribute to a long life expectancy: clean air, water,HahnXcherry and food; meaningful work; physical safety from most crime; access to medical services when I need them.

Grateful for basic civil rights: the right to vote, to equal protection under the law, to privacy, to freedom of speech, freedom of association, due process, and other legal protections.

Grateful for my family, all of whom are accounted for, in reasonable health, and on good terms with each other. 

Grateful for literacy, and for a society that values literacy. 

Grateful for a life where creative self-expression forms a part of my every day, and even a large part of my livelihood.dick

Grateful for my friends, who tend to ask little and give much, and to give me the space I need to be happy, among other gifts.  

Grateful for technology that connects me to knowledge, wisdom, entertainment, and PEOPLE, that I couldn’t otherwise be in touch with. 

Grateful for my beasts, past and present, who give me much comfort and joy in their simple companionship.

SweetestXScoundrelGrateful for the natural world, in all its ever-changing loveliness and challenge. I wilt if I’m away from the countryside for too long, and I delight in the places only lightly touched by human hands.  

Grateful for little things–polarfleece; amaryllis flowers; organic certified-humane brown eggs; a new Elizabeth Hoyt historical (comes out on Tuesday!), kittens, snow flurries, and much more.

What are you grateful for? To one commenter, I’ll send a $50 Amazon gift card.  

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29 comments on “Yours Gratefully….

  1. As a child we were very, very poor. But even then I had the ability to see how good my life was – how truly blessed it was.

    I am old now and I live a simple life and I am still grateful for everything that I have. Having met people who only seem to see what they don’t have, I have come to realize that the ability to see how blest I am is a blessing in itself.

    I give thanks to God every day as part of my prayer life. And unlike some of my prayers, it is NEVER a mindless, automatic prayer.

    • And aren’t we just in a world where it’s so easy to see what we don’t have? I recall the words of a friend whose mother grew up in pre-WWII England. She said if somebody was from 30 miles away, they were “foreigners, and you couldn’t understand them.” She knew everybody in her village, knew every hill and dale of the surrounding countryside, knew her Book of Common Prayer and what was for dinner that night–and that was wealth enough.

  2. I’m grateful for the necessities as well: food, shelter, job, etc. I’m also grateful that this year I got to travel to Rome and Venice, two places that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. I’m grateful that my grandparents (in their late 70s) are still mostly healthy and I’ve gotten the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them.

      • Those were the two spots in Italy I was dying to see. If I got back to Europe again, I would like to do a Northern European Cruise or a cruise thru the Greek islands, but I don’t foresee that in my near future. I’ll be sticking to destinations closer to the US for now.

  3. I’m grateful to have family who are letting me stay with them while I find a full-time position. For friends who are supportive to me through my divorce, my father’s death, and my mother’s stroke. Bring on 2016! 🙂

    • I’ve spent time on friends’ couches, and that surely does sort out who your friends are, and who they aren’t, doesn’t it? As for the divorce… things get better. Time really does help, and that you have. Will wish your mom a thorough and quick recovery. My mom came back from a stroke at 86. Took time, but she did it, and at 92 is still very much in the game. Best of luck!

  4. I am grateful for many of things you are–health, shelter, a mostly lovely life–as well as knowing I am loved. The *love*d part is the important thing!

  5. I’m grateful for you, Grace. I was laid low with a nasty cold (and Baby was similarly afflicted) whilst husband was away at work on the opposite side of the planet, but Nita and Tremaine, Kristen and Daniel got me through.

    You’ve always been such a source of encouragement and good advice. We Fisher sisters all are grateful for our Aunt Grace. You inspire us and always have.

    • Thanks, Ona! Axel is on schedule for Christmas duty, and Will and Susannah should get us through the last of the winter blah’s… So when will YOU take a turn at writing some fiction? Hmmm?

  6. So many things I am grateful for. My family, (including being grateful some of them being further away!). My pets. My job. And the free time that I have in life to work out and to read. I’m blessed in so many aspects.

  7. I’m grateful that I still have my parents (who are just a couple of years younger than your Mom), and all my siblings even though we’ve all reached our 60s now. I’m grateful for all that I have and for the opportunity to “live” other people’s lives for a little bit inside of good books. I love historical romance especially and, though I only picked up my first Grace Burrowes book (“the Traitor”) because of the gorgeous man painted by the wonderful Jon Paul on the cover, I’ve since read almost all of them and I am grateful for your writing and your sensibilities and your willingness to share them with us.

  8. I am grateful for so many things but my first thought when reading this is how grateful I am for my romance reading and writing friends, of which you are at the top of the list.
    The past four years have been made so much more bearable with beautiful books to read and people to talk about them with. Some of these friends I have never met in person, but I have met quite a few of them and they all number among my closest friends.
    I am grateful for the many blessing these friends have blessed me with. I can never truly say how grateful I am for everyone and I hope they know know how much they have blessed my life.

  9. I am grateful for:
    my family, always and each of them, from my precious mother, to my precocious grandchildren.
    my faith, because day in and out, I rely on it strongly.
    flowers in the spring (I love gardening.)
    air conditioning in the summer (it’s hot in south Texas.)
    football in the fall (even when my teams aren’t doing great.)
    celebrations in the winter (Christmas, New Years, family birthdays, Mardi Gras.)
    good books, all year long.
    Thanks for a lovely post, Grace.

  10. I’m grateful that I’ve reached my present age able to live independantly,enjoy reading and have an income to support this life.

  11. It’s not been the best year but I am grateful for my health and the health of my family members, my friends, my cats, books and for the hope of another day.

  12. Today has been a count your blessings day for me.

    This weekend, I went to my club’s holiday banquet and showed my corgi Gregory at two shows. Had fun with my row mates and got some great grooming tips and nice compliments on my dog. Last night, I won a lovely tea and goodies basket– think coffees, teas,shortbread, jelly and dog cookies. And chocolate!!

    Today, I watched my friend put an obedience leg on her boy and another friend finish her girl ‘s championship today. So happy for them! And I was awarded a Select Award for my corgi Greg by a respected corgi breeder.

    I am so grateful ….to have had so many friends help me with grooming tips & handling suggestions and I am so fortunate to have two wonderful teachers who have worked with me every week.

    Am snuggling with my buddy Celeste and very happy to HOME!

  13. So many things on your list are on mine, Grace: Family, friends, pets, the ability to read – and afford those books I ‘have’ to buy, safety, freedoms, health and comfort. My husband and I have a strong marriage and are still very much in love. Our children are doing well despite some health issues this past year – it’s interesting how their health problems cause more stress for me than my own. Life over all is very good and I have been blessed.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Grace!

  14. In addition to your list, I’m grateful for the beauty and peace of sunrise, the unfailing support of my family and friends as I cared for my mother with ALS and her estate after her passing, quiet time with a glass of wine, a dog in my lap and a book in my hand. Happy anticipation of having my noisy family around for Thanksgiving … and deep gratitude for the freedoms we have that are often taken for granted and those who fought that we might keep them.

  15. All that you said plus generally stable, gentle flowing daily life. Enough changes and human foibles to keep it interesting, not so much for there to be angst and drama. For inquisitive and thoughtful medical specialists. For the deep abiding love shared with chosen family/friends. And my local library.

  16. In October, I fell head first down twelve stairs and I am neither dead, paralyzed, nor broken. I remind myself of this every time I’m frustrated by how long it’s taking to heal from the other lumps and bumps.

  17. This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful for the incredible, generous woman who donated a kidney to me, asking only that I send her a postcard from my travels.

  18. I’m grateful for Grace! I’m grateful for her weekly posts that make my Sundays sparkle and keep me thinking throughout the week. I’m grateful for an Auntie who is always inspiring and who writes about love and joy and beauty. And I’m very grateful and proud to claim her as family.

  19. I am grateful for many of the things mentioned above also. firs of all I am grateful for having faith. For knowing God’s love and grace. It is truly a blessing to live in the US – and my mom, sisters and nephews are all near by. Even if some days things get messy – because relationships get messy – we still have a chance to sit together for a meal and I can pray with them and give thanks.
    I am grateful for Diamond (my Yorkie) and the 2 water turtle (Paul McCartney and Walker) they make life fun and unique.
    I am grateful for books and good stories… for tablets and smart phones… for hope and joy… for the hard times that have shaped my life and faith… for the chance to do good every day. For dreams.
    I am very grateful for your stories Grace… more then everything in my case your stories really bring light into a world where women had so little options – it makes me appreciate what has been accomplished today and give me hope that we can make it even better.

  20. I am grateful for alot this year.. first,for my boyfriend who stands tall beside me even if at the young age of 42 I must use a walker. I am also grateful for a wonderful father who will do anything to help me and two of my dearest friends that fight me on my opinion that i can still do all I use too and when I finally realize they are right they listen to my tears and anger and offer there help. Last but never least, i am grateful for my two doys. My “babies” that listen to me talk to them all day long ever since my life changed so much and I miss being around other humans “adults”. Oh, and i am grateful to you Grace for writting books that take my mind away from my constant pain and lets me forget about my ever changing, expanding health issues.