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GraceXatXEileanXDonanWhen I look back on 2015, and read through my daily journal, I see that as the year went on, I became more aggressive about protecting my social media space. Mean people don’t gate-crash my Facebook page, but my feed was another matter. The more I de-cluttered the social media associations, the happier my interactions became, and why shouldn’t social media be a happy, respectful place? 

I also see that I was BUSY last year, usually working on several projects at once, keeping a hand (or three) in at the law office, traveling probably too much, and resting and relaxing not enough. On the down side, this schedule, along with the joys of crossing through my fifties generally, resulted in some weight gain. Pooey! 

photo (9)In my handy list of life lessons, one of the mantras that has served me well is the admonition to have something to look forward to, and somebody to look forward to it with. I always look forward to going to Scotland, and I’m happy to say that in September, I’ll have another chance to do that. 

Unlike my previous trips to Scotland, the Scotland with Grace tour will also give me plenty of good company with whom to racket about. I’m really excited that about! I’d also like to squeeze in a morningvisit to Nova Scotia, which has pockets of Gaelic culture, and even some native Gaelic speakers. On the way, I can peek at three of the four states (in the lower 48) that I’ve yet to see. (Oregon, you’re on notice.) 

On a more domestic note, I’m growing increasingly determined to get my nest in order. As it is, my writing has taken over the dining room table, my dogs have taken over the couch, my cats the porches. My house is small, but I think a re-negotiation of the borders might be in order. Maybe even… some living room furniture that’s Suitable For People. Wheee! 

jammies wood stoveI’m not making resolutions, not binding myself to rules and eventual success or failure, I’m checking in with my dreams. I want to see more of the world, make new friends, and make my corner of the world friendlier to me and mine. Progress in these directions will be as small as putting a string of dead Christmas lights in the trash, or as large as a two-thousand mile road trip. 

heir_244wAnd of course, I want to write many lovely happily ever afters while I’m living my own version thereof. 

So… in the new year, what are you dreaming about? What new territory will you see, what adventures would you like to start? 

To one commenter, I’ll send a signed copy of The Heir, the book with which so many of my dreams were born. 


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24 comments on “Resolved to Dream

  1. Hi Grace! Happy New Year! Sounds like you have some excellent plans! I have a whole house that I need to get in order, very quickly. We have a home inspector coming in for a refinance. And also, my sister is coming to visit! I also need to stick to my WW plan & lose about 30 lbs. Finally, I want to get to my reading backlog!

  2. Your trip to Scotland is definitely an item to look forward to this year. I would also like to make a vacation trip. I too gained weight – I think it had to do with the 8 weeks I stayed off my feet after an avulsion fracture and the going out to eat a lot! So I’m going to make an effort to be healthier – eating more fresh fruit/veggies and simple food and trying to get up off my spot on the couch. Also, I’m going to take better care of some health issues I let stay on the back burner due to a change in insurance. Happy New Year, Grace! Hope it’s filled with happy and healthy days.

  3. P.S. I don’t need the copy of The Heir because I already have it in paperback and e-book! It is a great book that I’ve read twice already. But if I win, I can donate it to my club’s auction. We sponsor several literacy projects, a childcare facility, cook for Ronald McDonald house, etc.

  4. Happy New Year Grace! I do not make resolutions either. I do look ahead for changes I would like to happen in my life. This year I am wanting to get a job with my newly earned bachelors degree without my age (60) being a negative factor. I am praying to work with people with disabilities. I want to spend more time with my mother who is 91 and create more memories to cherish when she no longer graces our lives with her presence.

  5. I have a small “to-to” list for 2016.

    Am looking forward to seeing my daughter graduate from college and start law school.

    Plan to continue the obedience training with corgis Celeste and Greg. Celeste and I working towards our first level of obedience training and we will enter a few shows in March. I plan to finish Greg’s grand championship and he will follow Celeste to obedience work. Obedience class gets me out of the house and moving and I learn something each week.

    I realized this past year that I need to take care of myself. I am not sure if it means watching my diet, getting my hair colored monthly, excercising or getting a new job. I am sticking to my diet and trying to keep moving. I am looking forward to making some changes as the year unfolds.

  6. Happy New Year Grace!

    I have decided that this will be the year that Things will happen.

    I have Good Things already in the works and somewhat planned. I’m most excited about my first trip overseas – a solo research trip to visit London and its surrounds. Just 57 short days away, now. What I’ll do once I get there is anybody’s guess, though driving a WWII era tank around an empty field does sound interesting. 🙂

    Good Things are also in the works with my writing. As I am deep into panic-mode putting the final touches on my entry for the RWA Golden Heart (8 days, 6 hours, and 32 minutes…), it seems a little surreal to me, but it is nothing I can’t handle. Then the submission process to the three editors who have shown interest.

    Of course there are conferences and more contests, and perhaps another trip in the works. I have hopes that this year will be the start of a new career in writing so I can (eventually) leave the policing and dispatching to others.

  7. Happy New Year to All!

    For many years, I did make resolutions and like many, kept not a lick of them…except one. And that was to bring in (and use) my reusable grocery bags! I slipped off the horse with THAT one after a year (but I’m doing it again THIS year).

    I am looking forward to having several work projects coming to fruition. I would like to finish cleaning out and organizing my kitchen cabinets (I know, whee, or something)and get my choral music in some sort of workable order so I can use it more effectually. Getting organized doesn’t appeal to me but BEING organized is something I am excited about!

    Here’s to a happy and healthy 2016 for us ALL!

  8. My dreams for 2016 involve finding a pain management regime that truly works for me, hopefully more nutrition based than the current mobility-management program. I also dream of returning to our beloved Colonial Williamsburg after five years away, this time introducing my granddaughter to the revolutionary city and other favorite sites within the “historic triangle.”

  9. Next year my eldest daughter will have to choose which high school she should apply for. I guess it’s time I somehow help her take her step in new territories

  10. I did a lot of exploring last year, with a trip to Western Maryland and West Virginia to the TTP signing, as well as a trip to Boston. This year, I think I want to expand a little on my TTP trip and swing by DC for a day or two, just to go see the stuff I could only drive through ten and a half years ago moving up to where I am.

    I am also working toward finishing my first novel but have to work around my kids and work to get it written lol.

  11. Well Happy New Year one a all! Hope your holidays were all they should be. Mine certainly was. I love Christmas.

    I’m not a resolution maker either. Never have been. My goals are just to stay as happy and healthy as possible.

    Lately I’ve been mulling over whether to spend some major funds to make my little house more “old people” friendly (major renovations for bath and laundry room) or to sell and move into an apartment. I keep going back and forth, but I think I’ll have to keep my poor little house. I love it too much.

    Grace, I wish you all the best in the coming year. Sounds like you have some great adventures coming.

  12. Hello Grace,

    I like the idea of checking in with my dreams instead of making resolutions. I have decided that this year, instead of resolutions, I’m letting go.

    Like you, I have struggled with weight gain since turning 50 and would like to let the extra pounds go. I have a sedentary job and decided that I need to make and keep appointments with myself to move more and continue eating healthy.

    I’m letting go of the clutter. I want a space where I feel open and free to create. The clutter around me drains my energy. I have plans in place to tackle it one room at a time.

    I would love to visit Scotland and see through the eyes of my ancestors one day soon. I plan to retire in 24 months and going to Scotland sounds like an excellent way to celebrate. Your itinerary sounds fabulous. While I am not a writer, I would be happy to apply myself as a “gentle reader” for anyone on your Writer’s Retreat if you are planning future trips.

    Happy New Year and keep dreaming!

  13. Happy New Year! I just took down the remenabts of Christams. Looking forward to the new year on my new house. Starting over after divorce is hard, but I am looking forward to what comes next.

  14. Happy New Year, Grace! Not making any resolutions that can be broken. However, I am determined to keep healthy with more physical activities. Looking forward to my first trip to Europe with my grandson’s Model United Nations high school club. Most of all, want to try and get the backlog of my books read during the year! So many books–not enough time!

  15. I’m firmly in favor of removing negative people from my life. This may be hard as this is an election year. I will have to resolve instead NOT to yell at the idiots on the television the way my grandfather used to. If I lapse, I have given my spouse permission to remind me how I really don’t want to turn into my grandfather.
    I’m hopeful this year will see me setting up a craft business. I have had no room to work in the past, but now the offspring is at university, so there is room.
    I also want to do some painting and bathroom remodeling. This is a task for the spring. Winter is too cold to paint.

  16. After reading about your planned trip to Scotland, I would love to put that on my 2016 list! However, duty calls and I’ll be sending my oldest off to college. At home, I plan to finally sit my rear in the chair and write…something. Every day. This is the year, it’s time. And I must – MUST – declutter this house and find some of my sanity again. Happy 2016!

  17. Hmm… I wish to cook more, I have at least two trips planned, take one maybe two history classes, apply to graduate school for the 4th time, continue to lose weight, be kind and compassionate to others.

  18. “I want to see more of the world, make new friends, and make my corner of the world friendlier to me and mine”

    You say it so well, and this appeals to me. Instead of concentrating on what I’m going to get “done” this year because those things will inevitably show up, I just want to live healthier. That means more writing with joy, more exercise on my treadmill to feel better, and less stress (maybe more meditation?) to be happier. Paring down my closets and workspace would certainly help my state of mind, but will I do it? I’ll let you know in January 2017.

  19. Happy New Year!
    2016 will be a year of new experiences for me. I lost my job last year and I’ve spent the time since then figuring out what comes next and what should be the criteria of my path forward. Those criteria is what I refer to as my Happy Places: travelling, nature, friends & family, and morning exercise. This year, when making a decision, my Happy Places will play a key role if what I ultimately choose for myself.

    I look forward to starting a new job perhaps somewhere I have not lived before. I look forward to travelling and exploring new places. Ireland for one week in August with my best friend is already on my list. I look forward to a healthier and more confident me as I change my eating habits and get back to my morning workout routines. And I look forward to enjoying life and whatever adventure it brings my way!

  20. For me, I look forward to having a presence at my grandson’s HS Graduation in Germany in JUNE of this year… The plans are in process and barring any other Health issues in the family – we will make it… Happy New Year to you, blessings to you in your chosen field – I await what ever you write…

  21. My husband and I are going to Hawaii in May – I have never been there and am quite excited to add another state visited to my list! Let the good times roll!

  22. Great that you’re coming to Scotland. Please do get in touch if you’re likely to be coming down to Dumfries & Galloway!