Snowflakes on Roses…

blogXsnowXonXrosesSnowflakes on daffodils, rather. And tulips. As I write this, it’s danged snowing–not flurrying, not spitting, not nothing but the real deal. Two to four inches of No Lilacs for You, Grace. Well, dadgummit.

BUT, it’s a great day for writing. I love weekends for writing because none of the day-job world intrudes, my editors won’t email me, the phone is very unlikely to ring. Just me and His Grace (Hamish MacHugh was promoted to a duke last week. poor schmuck). To be able to write with little likelihood of interruption is bliss.

blogXpansiesAnd while the weather might be a little wonky, it’s also the case that spring is under way. The oak leaves are in that red, fuzzy, here-we-come phase; I picked a big vase of tulips from my yard yesterday; and this week I AM PLANTING PANSIES. That’s not all I’m looking forward to. Other rainbows on the horizon:

I’ve signed a three-book deal with Hachette/Grand Central. Hamish’s story will probably be out toward the end of the year, and I’m also working on a novella that will take advantage of his Scottish connections.

OnceXUponXFinalXCoverOnce Upon a Dream comes out next week–Sedgemere and Anne are a terrific couple (and Josephine is a terrific duck). That my name is appearing on the same cover with Mary Balogh boggles my mind and warms my heart. That’s just one big wow, for me.

My two families are getting together–sorta. My dad and two sisters live in San Diego, and my Burrowes-family is planning a major reunion there this summer. I’m one of seven children, and there are great-grandchildren–do the math. Big party. What makes it even more special is that the Romance Writers of America annual conference is in San Diego the same week. I’ve already started filling out my dance card in terms of brekkie with writin’ buddies, lunch with writin’ buddies, and so forth. Might even get to a workshop or two… maybe.blogXsamXinXaXkilt

Later in the summer, my Scotland with Grace tour heads to SCOTLAND!!! (What a coincidence?) I am so very, very much looking forward to sharing Scotland with some reading and writing friends. That’s like… I don’t know, the Duke of Bewcastle inviting me over to share chocolate cupcakes for breakfast? I can’t find the analogy happy enough to convey what a combination of good folks and good times in Scotland means to me. I hope it at least becomes an annual event, and I’ve already gotten interest in next year’s tour.

All of which is to say, yes, it’s snowing. That’s today. The bigger sophie_244wpicture is good times, good friends, good travels, and good books.

What’s ahead on the calendar that delights you? What do you wish you could put on the calendar, or–there are snow days in life–what do you wish you could eliminate from your calendar?

To one commenter, I’ll send a copy of Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish. Sophie desperately wanted some peace and quiet, but what she ended up with was MUCH better than that.



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15 comments on “Snowflakes on Roses…

  1. The main thing on my calendar for this week is that my sister will have her final radiation treatment (following a lumpectomy) this Wednesday – one day after her birthday. She, my other sister and I will celebrate by going out to lunch.

  2. I have a number of choir gigs coming up….and then…..after mid-June…..nothing for a few weeks. And I’m looking forward to it. I need to re-charge and doing nothin’ for a bit is just the ticket!

    Oh, and I’ll plant pansies toward the end of the month NO MATTER WHAT! We’ve got a bit o’weather here in the Midwest too and woke up with snow on the ground yesterday…today is okay-ish!

    • As wonderful as it is to sing, especially in a group, it’s good to rest the pipes too. Will wish you peace and quiet for those weeks, though I know you’ll be hearing great stuff in your imagination.

  3. We’ve had snow this week, too. I spent time doing a few house hold chores, reading Nora Robert’s The Obession ( fabulous!) and baking.

    Looking forward to a few dog shows. Would love to take a short trip with the dogs to Vermont over the summer. Beautiful setting for a dog show! Great time to get together with friends. Day dreaming of the warm summer months is good for the soul.

    My daughter is graduating from college next month. a family milestone..looking forward to seeing her receive her diploma and starting law school in the fall. Lots to celebrate.

    Looking forward to Segemere’s story this week!!
    And am glad Hamish received a promotion. His story appeals to me as well.

    Have a good week, Grace.

    • I see some of my riding’ buddies already starting out on the annual show circuit, and I’m glad to be a little to the north of them. The horses need winter to rest, and so do the show managers!

      Will hope you get to Vermont this summer. It’s one of four states I’ve never set foot in (Oregon, Maine, and New Hampshire being the others).

  4. At least you got a big vase of tulips in before the snow, Grace. And I haven’t had pansies (or daylillies) for almost 20 years – the deer love the way they taste. And what perfect timing for the family reunion and Romance Writers of America conference – it couldn’t have worked better if you had planned the reunion!

    On the horizon for me? My oldest child is graduating from Texas A&M on Friday, May 13th – so it is lucky Friday the 13th for us. He plans on heading up to Boulder to work on his master’s the PhD in biology. It is an amazing thing when you get verification that you and your husband managed to contribute DNA to children that are smarter than you. Proof that sometimes 1+1>2 . 😉

  5. Hmm… I am going this weekend to Virginia Beach with three friends. I am looking forward to it. I don’t know what the rest of the Spring or Summer will unfold. I would like to take a class over the summer, I would like to see my best friend, we’ll see.

  6. My husband and I are expecting our first child in early October. I’m looking forward to this Summer – a trip to Australia before I’m too pregnant to fly, and some shows we want to see whilst going out on a date is still logistically uncomplicated. Then after that everything changes! We can’t wait to meet the baby. I’d quite like to skip over the actual labour part (my husband frequently comments that he’s glad he doesn’t have to do that bit. He doesn’t even claim for form that he’d do it for me if he could. Chivalry is dead.).

  7. Congrats to Pemcat and the ladies’ who have children graduating from college :). I have a few small things on the horizon including seeing friends and family, but my big exciting thing on the horizon is going to Scotland :). I just bought my plane tickets, and am very excited. I haven’t been out of the country in 10 years and really miss that kind of travel so I am using it as my big goal and motivator for getting steadily through aquatic and physical therapy to get in shape for going. Once I finish therapy, planning on indoor biking and outdoor water walking and visits to local museums and sights and some road trips to practice being ready physically for this trip. Also doing research on the history, folk lore etc but that part is easier and more fun for me and trying a beginning hand at writing. So the Scotland trip is motivating me in many directions and ways. Can’t wait 🙂

  8. I’m way behind on my blog reading, but I just stopped in to say how very, very much I enjoyed Once Upon a Dream. I devoured both novellas in one sitting.

    Also, my condolences on your recent losses. I too lost a cat six weeks ago so I really empathize.

    And finally, HUZZAH on the “Quiet” post.

  9. Hi Grace,
    I would love to catch a romance conference with you in San Diego if random people are allowed in. Even more excited to catch up with you and yours! Steve will join me on the weekends but I be free to roam during several of the week days.