Look Forward, Angel

blogxsunsetI concluded a long time ago that having something to look forward to added a lot to my life. Better still if I have somebody with whom to look forward to the goodies in my future. I understand that living in the moment, rather than fretting over or glorying the past and future, is a product of emotional maturity. The moment can be scary and trying, and so some daylight on the horizon also has value.

I’m looking forward to the beautiful sunsets that come during the colder half of the year.

I’m looking forward to the first snow flurries.

I’m looking forward to burning the Christmas-scented candles, especially cedar and balsam.

I’m looking forward to that lovely feeling when the truck’s seat heater kicks in against my lower back. Lordy, is that a luxury.

trouble_450x2I’m looking forward to the launch of The Trouble With Dukes on December 20. I haven’t had a traditional title published since February, and there’s extra excitement putting a book out with a publishing team.

I’m looking forward to a writer’s conference next month. I attend these things hoping to learn something–anything, no matter how small–about effective writing. I usually come away having met new writin’ buddies and learned about the craft and the business, too.

I’m looking forward to launching my website’s store pages. This has been a behind the scenes project over the past six months, and my fingers are crossed that my readers will find it an easy way to connect with the books, and with some of the products I haven’t wanted to make available on the retail platforms.virtues_450x2-450x675

I’m looking forward to planting more bulbs. For the couple hours I might spend planting them in late fall, they yields weeks of pleasure when they come up in spring.

I’m looking forward to seeing some family members later this year.

To one commenter, I’ll send a signed copy of The Virtues of Christmas. What are you looking forward to?




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29 comments on “Look Forward, Angel

  1. I am looking forward to some down time. I need more peace and quiet.
    I am looking forward to stepping up my training Celeste for her Companion Dog (CD) and entering her in some trials.
    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. We have friends coming and I am planning our menu and it’s a great holiday to be thankful.
    I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and daughter.
    I am looking forward to sitting on the porch bundled in a blanket enjoying a cup of coffee with Molly and Celeste enjoying the foliage.
    I am looking forward to weekend snow….the snow that doesn’t interfere with the commute and doesn’t need to be shoveled.
    And I am looking forward to your next book!!!

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  2. I am looking forward to creating new and precious memories with those people who enhance and bless our lives. I am talking about friends and family and those people who can make our days special with a smile, a kind gesture and/or a thoughtful gesture. I am looking forward to reading new books from favorite authors, writing letters and cards to remember and encourage others. I am looking forward to singing Christmas carols, making stuffing and watching old favorite movies. I am excited about being alive and thankful for each day. Thank you for your books. I just reread Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal again and loved savoring how Maggie was able to see how much that she was loved. Have a blessed week!

    • Thanks Amy. When people ask me if writing my books ever makes me cry, I think about that scenes in the garden between Maggie and Her Grace, where Maggie finally, finally, says, “That woman is not my mother…” and duchess comes through for her.

      Tissues, stat!

  3. I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to Winter. It is my least favorite season. But there are things that make it more bearable, and I do focus on those things. You are so right about having things to look forward to.

    I look forward to long cold nights. I sleep so much better all snuggled up under the covers in the Winter. I look forward to the holidays – especially Christmas – I just love, love, love it. Look forward to fresh snow. So pretty right after it falls.

    In January and February I mostly look forward to Spring (smile). I look forward to doing a lot of comfort reading during that time. These are the books that I consider “a sure thing.” I know that the minute I open the cover, I’ll go to a lovely place. You, Mary Balogh, Carla Kelly, and so many others figure heavily in my comfort reads. I also read a lot to Joan Smith and Barbara Metzger during this time because their books make me laugh. Laughter is like medicine to me – a real wonder drug.

    And I look forward to reading THE VIRTUES OF CHRISTMAS.

    • Mary, I’m fortunate to live in a temperate zone, where just about when I think summer is going to drive my nuts, the heat breaks, the bugs start dying off, the leaves start to change color… It’s the same with winter. Just about when I’ve had enough of feeding the wood stove, driving like a turtle on slick roads, and bundling up… the days start getting longer.

      The winter of 2010 I was so sorry-broke I had nothing to read but my keepers. What a wonderful winter that turned out to be.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to “The Trouble with Dukes” since I pre-ordered it…..but I digress!

    I’m looking forward to my concert (two weeks from today)being over with. It will be lovely (19th Century Motets and Sacred Music) and it’s been a good rehearsal period but I’m ready to move on. I think that happens to me a lot….I plan (a concert, a party, a holiday)and then, at a certain point, I’d like it to be over. I’ve *lived* with it for far longer than anyone else and there comes a time when it seems to besides the point. I look forward to my plans coming to fruition and (even though I know how long things take)wish I could enjoy them while they’re happening…I enjoy them after the fact! Many of my friends (also women) feel the same way in their professions….we get things ready to launch and it’s not until AFTER we are able to look back and enjoy. Living in the moment, what’s that?????

    I like to plant bulbs (next weekend!)and look forward to the daffodils or tulips. I do love autumn in all its glory. I’m looking forward to having more time to write (maybe Scotland for me next time you go)and do some holiday special stuff I haven’t had time to do yet.

    Now that you mention it, I am curious to see your new store’s launch……guess I’m looking forward to it!

    • I know that sense you allude to, of having to get my game face on for the performance. When a book launches, I’m stirring up enthusiasm for a story I’ve probably read 20 times, one that I’ve piled five or six other stories on top of, by the time a publication date rolls around.

      I have to snap back into, “This IS my favorite book!” which is a state I achieve most naturally as I’m writing the book, not six months later.

      The The Trouble With Dukes might be an exception–I do love Hamish and Megan.

  5. I’m looking forward to traveling to Virginia to visit family over Thanksgiving.
    I’m looking forward to seeing my two little great-nephews who always make me laugh.
    I’m looking forward to seeing my nephew who lives in North Carolina – haven’t seen him since last Christmas.
    And then after a week of family time, I’m looking forward to returning home, sleeping in my own bed, reading books & resting up after a busy week.

    • I’ll spend most of December with Dear Old Dad, who turned 96 this week. He’s sleeping more and more, and facing his first holidays without my mom. Another moment to get my game face on.

  6. Immediately, I’m looking forward to watching four grandkids–an archer, a lion, and two Pokémon characters–trick-or-treat from my home tomorrow night. Thanks for a lovely post.

    • One of the things I miss about living way out in the country is… no trick or treaters. None, not any. For years. I get candy every year just in case… but this year Murphy got into the candy, and treated me to a demonstration of just how foul dog farts can be. A long demonstration.

  7. I’m looking forward to having the whole family together for a couple weeks since our son is going to make it back to Texas for Christmas. I’m also looking forward to a shorter commute when the newest store opens later this month. Since I’m the manager, I’ll have longer hours anddifferent stresses, but I’ll email spending about 10 hours a week less on the road!

    Now I’m also looking forward to the launch of your Web Store, Grace.

  8. I’m looking forward to spending my first Christmas with my significant other this year.
    I’m looking forward to graduating from college after putting it off for 7 years due to fear of failure.
    I’m looking forward to starting my career as a pastry chef in the upcoming months

    • WOW, do you have some big items on your list! One of my brothers didn’t graduate from college until he was in his fifties. He has two sons, and he kept telling them, “Don’t be like me. Finish your college degree.” The boys pointed out to him that he could still get his degree… so he did, in large part because he wanted to set an example for the kids.

  9. Looking forward to cooler weather, homemade chili and stew, and seeing my brothers and their families, and The Trouble with Dukes.

  10. I am looking forward to a massage on Saturday, I like Fall Back, I am looking forward to an extra hour of sleep, my husband and I are going to drive up to the mountains just for the day with another couple, I think that will be nice.

    • I think we ought to fall back more often, though the sun refuses to accommodate that notion. When I was on Orkney, which is north of Stockholm, I overheard two ladies complaining about how cranky they got by the end of each summer. One lady said she thought it was all the tourists, but eventually figured out it was sleep deprivation caused by the long, long hours of daylight.

      Winter isn’t ALL bad.

  11. I’m looking forward to each day with my husband. He just turned 81 and has a young spirit in an old
    body. No matter how he feels he always has a smile for me and a kiss. He tries too hard and loves deeply. Yes, he is what I look forward to each and every day!

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