Not Yet Heaven

I love this “not yet” time of year.

It’s not yet time to plant the flowers (except for pansies!!!). Our frost date is still a few weeks away, but we’re getting enough warm afternoons that it’s time to start dreaming of geraniums, petunias, and impatiens.

It’s not yet time to put away the long sleeves and sweaters, but some days, the heaters shut off for hours, and the quiet is amazing.

The trees are not yet leafing out (or making pollen!) so the sunlight comes right down from the heavens to warm and brighten the earth. I love that brightness when I’m outside, and love it coming in through the windows as I sit at my writing desk.

The bugs are not yet out. This is a big one for me. I hates me some house flies and skeeters, to say nothing of the ticks that gave me Lyme disease. I know all of creation depends on bugs, but it’s not yet time to tell myself that three times a day.

This time of year lets me wake up with the sun, and still have a long, dark evening for reading and nosing around the Brit Box documentaries.

We might still get some snow, but it will be what my mom called onion snow. It won’t last, and the trees, bulbs, and beasts will shrug it off–as will I.

My horse is shedding, and soon we won’t have to play the “put your big blanket on, take your big blanket off. Put your light blanket on, and shake it all about…” Darling pony will roll in the dust and mud and be a happy, dirty guy just as Divine Providence intended him to be.

It’s not yet hot, muggy, and humid… not yet loud because the windows aren’t all open all the time and the Yard Patrol hasn’t yet begun subduing the grass twice a week.

It’s not yet time to weed and weed and weed, not yet time for poison ivy (I excel at getting poison ivy). Hot tea still tastes wonderful first thing in the day, though the house isn’t frigid when I come downstairs in the morning. Hot soup and cheese dreams makes a wonderful supper, but I can also take my last cuppa tea out onto the porch if I want to bundle up and watch the stars go by.

This time of year feels to me as if mother nature is drowsing in bed, knowing the alarm will go off eventually, but it hasn’t yet, and she can enjoy a few more weeks of peace, rest, and quiet.

How does this time of year, and this time of THIS year, find you? To three commenters, I will send out ARC epub files of Storm and Shelter, the April anthology that includes eight–count ’em!–novellas for $.99!


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16 comments on “Not Yet Heaven

  1. We noticed the first of our bulbs coming up this week. Hubby planted LOTS last fall and not only our usual daffodils and tulips. He planted hyacinths, which we normally haven’t had. Somehow doing something DIFFERENT for the coming spring made sense.

    This spring different, but the same promise of re-birth, means more to me. I guess I hope all of us will soon be able to come out of our Pandemic Slumber to begin anew.

    • You’re going to love your hyacinths! They’re so fragrant they can overwhelm an indoor room, but outside when the breeze wafts that fragrance around, it’s refreshing and one of those things that is truly spring to me. I like to find a place to sit in the sun where that fragrance reaches me and soak it all in. I hope you enjoy them!

  2. The sunshine was bright and I woke up. feeling that today will be the day I go out to my small garden and investigate the winters damage and make a plan of what is both needed and desired.After the last year we’ve had I feel my small garden needs a splash of bright colour to declare we have finally got through the worse and to admit that nature has the upper hand in this rich tapestry of life.Soon as I can I Will do all the prep.Give the plants a good feed for a good start and select bright and colourful plants from my local nursery.May is the month I look forward to very much and the result takes me through all of summer and autumn.We won’t mention winter spring is here and I’m at the starting post ready to go.I can just picture myself sitting outside,a good book ,suncream,glass of wine,and perhaps a fresh cream cake.Hopefully company too.Be nice to have family,friends around again.We are so close but I must be patient(something that I seem to struggle with these days)my daughter reminds me to calm down and chill!!!!!.This is where a generation gap shows up,different priorities and plans.I am still making my claim in what matters to me and my garden is one of them ,I not ready to hang up my garden tools yet.So onwards and upwards fellow friends enjoy all,keep safe.

  3. I LOVE your description of mother nature drowsing in bed. Pure genius. Spring used to be my favorite season, but now I live in a less temperate zone and, like you, cannot really garden until late May. So Spring has become mud season. What I do like is even if it snows, it’s warmer. The frigid temperatures are gone. Once I retire I intend to hibernate from the solstice to the equinox.

  4. Spring is almost here! We’ve had a few nice days over the last two weeks, nice enough to take the corgis on a to the beach during my lunch break. My older corgi Rose is still insisting on her morning walk and she seemed to enjoy walking the other day when we had 50’ weather.

    I haven’t seen any signs of crocuses, tulips or the daffodils. I am hoping to see a flower or two in the next few weeks.

    I am going to banish my snowmen decorations, towels and anything resembling winter to the attic today.

    This week will be my one year anniversary of working from home. It’s been an interesting year. There have been benefits – spending time with family, my friends and the dogs. Enjoyed a lot of porch time this past year- we’ve got eagles roosting near by-with my husband and corgis.

    I’d like to see some friends outside of my bubble, go to the movies and out to dinner.I have enjoyed the break from driving into work- and I don’t look forward to resuming the daily trek.

    Good news – I have made vaccine appointments for my husband, mother and close friend. And hopefully next month my daughter and I will get vaccinated.

    Enjoy the Spring weather!!

  5. This time of year, and particularly THIS year, feel optimistic to me. There’s a promise there that’s not yet fulfilled but showing evidence of being so. The grass is turning that alive shade of green, the spring bulbs are poking their heads up changing those dull brown mulch beds to something to watch daily, and I’m getting my first vaccine next week. We’re shopping the garden centers again with enthusiasm. Optimism abounds.

  6. Barefoot & a short sleeve shirt over my jeans with the windows open part of the day. Still have to shut up the house at dusk & keep it shut ‘til near noon, but I’m getting house cleaning done while I can air things out. Next front is due to chill us down again + rain, but I’m getting the dust off the furniture while I can without recycling it to other furniture.

    Trees aren’t leafing yet & the leaves are still on the oaks that drop in the spring, so cold weather ain’t over yet. But prime time to wash quilts while I can & it’s sunny.

  7. This is one of my favorite times of the year as I love seeing the earth come to life again.I like being able to take a walk without a jacket and that I can walk at any time of the day and not worry about heat or humidity.I like not having the heat or air conditioning on.I love daylight savings time because it stays light later in the day.This suits me fine as I am not a morning person. I never thought about the automatic clocks changing time but my son said the clocks go from 1:59 AM to 3:00 AM. We had a mother – son bonding experience this morning as we watched the clock on my computer change.

  8. I love spring, once the time changes back to civilized. I HATE it in the winter when I leave work in the dark.
    But it’s not yet exorbitantly hot, which is great.
    I really like many things about each season, though, so I am fine throughout the year.
    My family is slowly but surely getting their vaccinations, so I am exited that we may be able to see each other in a few months. It will be nice to see everyone and to hold an overdue funeral due a covid death.

  9. Here in Central Florida, the azaleas outside my window opened several weeks ago and that’s always my favorite part of February (that I forget every year until it happens again). But the worst part is the High pollen counts and my constantly itchy eyes and sneezing. We have been having unseasonably warm weather (the average is 76 but it’s been in the mid-80s) but it’s been cool enough to have the windows open for a few hours at least. I do love that part. Being a natural-born hermit, I haven’t had any problems with the self-isolation and don’t really miss being out since my favorite place is my own home. But I do like to know the weather outside is delightful.

  10. It is a beautiful time of year. I love the insignificant flowers that bloom this time of year. My son just sprayed roundup on some of them but they are tough little fellows. I am hoping they survive. Most of our grass is not ‘grass’ and I am fine with that. I like multi-species lawns with tiny flowers blooming close to the ground.

    I’ll be even happier when the parts arrive for our heat pump. We have been without heating most of the winter (part 1 waiting for parts) and are now without air conditioning (part 2 waiting for parts). It has been in the low 80’s here at times.

    As for me, I am also feeling a giant relief that 2020 is behind us. I just got the welcome news that my husband and I can be vaccinated for the covid virus very soon. We will still be masking up for the foreseeable future, although the mandate expires in early April for my state.

  11. The “Springing Forward” is always difficult… this year is no different. But, the good news is, my chatze Katzen (not sure of the exact translation of chatze… I was told by a lovely Austrian woman that it meant “dearest” or “dear one”…) don’t clamor for food an hour before dinner time. 🙂
    Looking forward to good temperatures and more time outside!!

  12. It’s a cautiously optimistic time of year, rather like peeking out the door and setting a toe out to check the temperature. We have a place up in the Virginia mountains and a very few bushes and trees are just beginning to push out the very beginning of buds, like the first notes of a symphony played by one instrument, maybe an oboe? and by June will be in a triumphant crescendo with drums and horns and strings and a full chorus of singers. No daffodils yet, but a few crocuses. The birds still need sunflower seeds and they sit in the trees complaining if we don’t put them out quickly enough. The flycatchers have come back for another year and are working hard on their nest in the beams of the porch ceiling.

    I am cautiously optimistic as well. I have had #1 of the two dose vaccine and several of my friends have as well, so we are planning an outside gathering in April when it’s consistently warmer, to raise a glass and toast the rebirth of our little world.

  13. I don’t generally love the mud of the snow / melt / snow spring that we have here, but if I can train my eyes upward to watch the return of the robins and the budding of the trees, I enjoy it much more. Once the ground is a little drier and the temperature is comfortable without too many layers, it is the perfect walking weather. No bugs, low humidity, enough sunshine to put a smile on my face. I can’t wait to walk until I am done instead of until I am frozen. Particularly this year, the winter was more claustrophobic and I feel ready to watch the leaves comes out. My kids usually grumble about the mandatory daily walk (except for in extreme weather conditions) but as the shift toward spring is perking us all up, they are heading outside on their own.

  14. I had composed a comment earlier today, but erased it because it wasn’t the “right” response. Just now, I was texting my daughter. We were chatting about some weird, creepy movie. I told her I don’t do weird or creepy anymore. There just isn’t enough time left to feel uncomfortable on purpose. That’s what this year has taught me. Although I hope to be around for many more years, I want to make sure to enjoy every day. I’m fortunate to have a full-time job where I see people each day. As one of three librarians at small city library, I do the curbside deliveries. I make sure to smile with my eyes so my people know that I appreciate them as much as they appreciate us. I’ve gotten to know so many of them as people rather than just customers. Some are even friends! So, as much sadness and hardship that this past year has brought to so many, I know that I am immensely lucky. My family is healthy, employed, and half-vaccinated. I am so very grateful.