Where in the World Is Grace Burrowes?

If you watch this space regularly, you know I usually publish a weekly post on Saturday evening/ Sunday morning. For July and the first week or two in August, I’ve put the blog on summer hiatus. I will spend those weeks getting the third Mischief in Mayfair title complete in draft, re-publishing some backlist novellas–more backlist novellas (who writes all these novellas…?), and getting Worth: Lord of Reckoning ready for audio production. (Worth says he’s ready for anything, and Jacaranda is rolling her eyes.)

I’m also into the production phase of my Lady Violet project, a series of a six Regency mysteries with a connecting romantic thread. I hope to publish the whole shebang first in the web store by the end of the year, then in the retail outlets. Wheee!

Until August, please stay cool and take good care of yourself.
Happy reading!
Grace Burrowes

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10 comments on “Where in the World Is Grace Burrowes?

  1. I am enjoying your first trio as I start a reread of all your books. The characters are so wonderful and how I enjoy seeing them in each book that follows. Have a wonderful rest of your summer.

  2. I am SO EXCITED to see what is going on with Noah Winters. He is one of my very favorite characters and I would like to see where he has progressed to with his siblings and her siblings. The Chef and the Masquerade Ball were great. Can’t wait for the next installments.

    Enjoy any time off you can get and stay healthy.

  3. To my favorite HR author,
    Just finished The MacGregor’s Lady and I just loved it. Of course, every time I complete a Grace Burrowes novel, my reaction is the same.
    Asher, as read by Roger Hampton, makes my toes tingle! What a luscious H!
    Thanks for writing delightful romance. You make my world a better place.

  4. Grace, I’m astounded at how you keep your characters straight, through all the generations, through decades of books. I’m building a family tree on Ancestry just to keep all the characters straight. Of course this means that I have to reread all the books just to get all the names straight. Yes, I mean you, Percival St Stephens Tiberius Joachim Windham, future Duke of Moreland, married to Esther Louise Himmelfarb.
    It’s amazing, just so wonderful how you keep them all straight.
    I only have 162 people in my Burrowes tree right nowm but I have more books to go through and those characters keep on having children.

    Thanks for everything, Grace!