Love and Other Mishaps

Grace teams up with USA Today bestselling author Emily Larkin in this Regency novella duet that has–as Grace has promised–cats in it!

Lieutenant Mayhew’s Catastrophe byEmily Larkin

When a basket of kittens becomes part of the story, everything that can go wrong does wrong for the intrepid lieutenant. Fortunately, even mischievous infernally cute kittens can lead to an HEA!

Kisses and Catnip (Working title) by Grace Burrowes

Max Haddonfield is a man of science with a soft spot for stray cats.  He engages in the most harmless of deceptions to find his feline friends good homes in lending libraries, but nobody warned Max that librarians are the least harmless of all ladies!


Love and Other Mishaps:

Grace Burrowes Publishing

Fall 2019

Excerpt Coming Soon

I start posting excerpts many months before a book is published. The sneak peeks give readers snippets of the story to come--maybe the first kiss, the meet, or even... the second, third and fourth kisses, so to speak! Closer to the publication date, I often post an entire chapter, up to the first three chapters of the book. I've also been known to published deleted scenes, which tend to be almost too wonderful to cut. If you'd like to notified as all of these snippets, sneak peeks, and chapters become available, then subscribe to News, and you'll never miss a single kiss.
– Grace

This book will begin shipping in Fall 2019