How do I buy a book from the Grace Burrowes bookstore, and download it to my computer?

The true first step is to choose the Grace Burrowes book you want to buy. Not all of Grace’s books are available on Gumroad, but all the books she has self-published are, as well as some bundles that aren’t available anywhere else. Visit Grace’s complete Gumroad bookstore »


Buying your new book

  1. If a book is available through Grace’s bookstore, you’ll find a link at the top and bottom of the book page. At the top of the page, click Buy from Grace. At the bottom, click Grace’s Own eBook Store.
  2. A Gumroad overlay will pop up on your screen. Click the teal I want this! button.
  3. You can proceed with your purchase or add more to your cart.

See everything in the Grace Burrowes bookstore »

The books you’ve already added can be found by clicking the white circle with the teal number in the upper right corner of your window.

  1. When you’re ready, click the teal Pay button.
  2. Gumroad doesn’t need much information from you to complete your purchase! Just your email address, and the number, expiration date, and CV code of your credit card. Enter that information and click the teal Pay button.
  3. That’s it! You have purchased a book directly from Grace Burrowes. You’re ready to download your products and get them on your favorite ebook reading device.