Okay, I bought a book from Grace’s store. How do I download it?

  1. Once your payment processes, a Thank You page will appear, including a gray button that says View product. Click that button.
  2. You have purchased two or three versions of each book – (1) a MOBI file that works on Kindles, (2) an EPUB file that works on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and most other eReaders, and, for some books, (3) a PDF file that works well on computers and tablets. If you’re not sure which type of file you want, click the teal Download all button.
  3. If you know what version of the book you want, there are also gray Download buttons next to each file which will allow you to download only that one.
  4. For the sake of Future You, be careful not to delete the receipt you get in your email (subject line will be You bought TITLE! For example: “You bought The Virtues of Christmas!” or “You bought Trenton: Lord of Loss!” If you buy more than one book at once, you will get a confirmation email for each book). You will be able to access these files forever as long as you have that email.

    If you have several email addresses and you’re concerned you’ll forget which address received this receipt, forward the receipt to the others. Everything you need will be accessible through a forward, too!

    Keep better track of your bookmarks than your emails? The URL you’re on now is unique to your purchase. You can bookmark it and come back to it anytime to access your book downloads.