What are you working on now?

After the Captive Hearts, I wanted to dine on some lighter writing fare, so the True Gentlemen emerged from the queue. His Lordship’s True Lady is my latest addition to that series (Hessian Kettering’s story), and I foresee tales in 2018 for Jonathan Tresham, Grey Dorning (the Earl of Casriel), and I am committed to writing a story for Valerian Dorning, which will come out next June (working title The Beowulf Book).

The drafting is done for the remaining Windham Brides, which means I get to start something entirely new in the Regency World, and the first book in that series will come out in Autumn 2018. I’m drawn to the premise of men who find titles thrust upon them, but we’ll see what my editor has to say about that.

And then there’s Scotland to the Max, the third story in my Trouble Wears Tartan contemporary series. I expect this novel will be published in Spring 2018, though I’m not sure it will be the last of the series. In addition, it seems I always have a novella or two up my sleeve….