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Are We THERE Yet?

July 20, 2014

This has been a tough week, at least for me. World events have not been cheering; I'm feeling overwhelmed with writing-related stuff that's all very important, but it doesn't get words on the page; a college age kid can put a strain on...
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What's Afoot With Grace...

July 19, 2014

The Traitor's giveaway on Goodreads is still open with ten chances to win. Best of luck, and as far as I know, a giveaway for The Laird will follow next month.

I'm hard at work on a Frequently Asked Questions section to be added to the website later this year. If a question has been bugging you (besides the combined reading order for the Lonelys and the Windhams!), then feel free to send me an email here.

I've also been asked about starting a newsletter for folks who aspire to published authordom. I'm ALWAYS happy to help other writers, and would enjoy this project if enough people were interested. If you'd like sign up for such a newsletter, please email me here, and when I have 25 names, we'll get started.



July 5, 2014

I cannot thank my readers enough, on general principles, but also for putting The Captive on the USA Today's best sellers list. The bestsellers lists are all increasingly competitive and making a list is an enormous boost to an author's visibility (also her spirits!). You can pre-order the next books, The Traitor (August) and The Laird (September) and maybe they'll have the same excellent luck!

The next giveaway is already open, though you may not even have finished reading The Captive., The Goodreads giveaway for The Traitor runs for the rest of July. Enter here, and watch for The Laird's giveaway to follow in August.

I'm asked lately about books coming up after What A Lady Needs for Christmas (October), our fourth Scottish Victorian. November will see Courtship Adjourned (working title), followed by A Kiss For Luck (December), a pair of novellas to introduce The Sweetest Kisses contemporary series coming out in January, February and March. Then it's back to historicals with The Duke's Disaster in April, and we have several more historicals already lined up for the rest of 2015. Details to follow on my next website update!