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Getting It Write

July 13, 2016

I have a newsletter for writers and readers who enjoy learning about the writing process. There’s a reason my pen name is Grace Burrowes, and why yours should be as short as possible. Sign up for the writers’ newsletter, Grace Notes, here.

On the blog this week…

June 26, 2016

How do you know when it’s nap time? On the blog, I explain how I came up with one answer at a writer’s conference. Giving away an audio version of The Soldier, too!

From Jack, With Love

June 23, 2016

Thanks to all the readers who helped put Jack–The Jaded Gentlemen, Book IV on the USA Today Bestsellers list! I’ve added a bonus scene to the book page excerpts in honor of Jack’s accomplishment. Read and enjoy!

On the blog this week…

June 19, 2016

What are we really looking for, as we scroll through memes, apps, rants, spin, click-bait, games, and quizzes? Read one possible answer, on the blog.

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You Know It’s Nap Time When…

June 26, 2016   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

I spent last week at a writers’ conference, because–as far as I’m concerned–I will never be done learning how to write. Then too, writing is a solitary undertaking. To spend time with my tribe was a great fun. We all got certain jokes, and we could all commiserate over the manuscript that won’t come right. I learned tons, about prose and plot, and also about the writing process as mine compares to that of other authors. I learned about other genres–children’s and young adult, women’s fiction, and thrillers (why is there no such thing as … Continue reading