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The Intergalactic (Weekly) Day of Grace

August 30, 2015

When I got home from last month’s Romance Writers of America conference, the scale said… well, what my scale usually says, “Too much of a good thing here, Grace,” but it said so more loudly than usual. Not my... Continue reading →
Scotland With Grace

What's Afoot With Grace...

August 29, 2015

Print readers, represent! The long-awaited (by me, anyway) print version of The Duke and His Duchess and The Courtship in a two-novella duet hits the shelves on Tuesday. Order your copy here. Excerpt for Duke is here, for Courtship is here. Enjoy!!!

October is for Dukes! Christmas in Duke Street, a Regency novella anthology, comes out in October. While we aren't doing pre-orders for that title on the major retailers, we'll have an ebook pre-order option up on the book page soon. I keep telling Gervaise Stoneleigh, "Patience is a virtue." (Then I run off, quick as a I can.) Enjoy an excerpt here. 


August 23, 2015

Haste ye back! The bus is starting to fill up for next September's readers/writers trip to Scotland. Email me for details and an application form. The group will be small--fewer than 20 of us--but mighty fun. Think dram-of-the-day, tablet, kilts, and castles.

Christmas is Coming!!! You knew that, but what you didn't know is that by mid-October, Christmas in Duke Street, an anthology of Regency novellas by yours truly, Shana Galen, Carolyn Jewel, and Miranda Neville will hit the shelves. Watch this space for details, links, and sneak peeks.