What's Afoot With Grace:

The un-Big Black Moment

January 11, 2020

On the blog this week, I’m pondering how my personal black moments don’t look much like the ones I read or write in books. I’m also adding three names to my ARC list for my February release, A Woman of True Honor. Leave your comment right here.

HEA New Year!

January 1, 2020

I hope everybody’s 2020 is off to a glorious start! To properly ring in the new year, I’ve set up a triple Dorning discount in the ebook webstore. A Truly Perfect Gentleman, A Lady of True Distinction, and that old rascal, Worth: Lord of Reckoning are all half off. Details on the Deals page.

Holiday HEA-ing

December 28, 2019

The blog is on holiday hibernation while I put the finishing touches on the current work in progress, BUT I did post the opening scene from A Woman of True Honor (Feb. 2020), my next True Gentlemen. And because we’re approaching the end of the month, please do cruise the Deals page, because come Jan. 1, some of those goodies will expire!

Hitch Your Sleigh to an HEA!

December 10, 2019

Seasonal reminder: Both The Marquess of Mistletoe (long short story), and The Ducal Gift/The Christmas Carriage (two short stories) are free for the downloading in my web store. The Ducal Gift features our old friends Perceval and Esther, who are, as usual, full of mischief. I’ve also put my Christmas Treats novella duet on half-price sale ($1.99) for the holiday season. Let the to-dos wait for a few minutes, pour yourself a cup of wassail, and indulge in some mini-HEAs!

Grace's Romances by Genre

Interleaving on a Jet Plane

January 18, 2020   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

This might be the darkest time of year, but I am positively romping through my TBR pile. Death at Brighton Pavilion by Ashley Granger (treated myself!), The Punishment She Deserves (present from a buddy), Life Undercover (ain’t Christmas wonderful?), and… Range–Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, by Daniel Epstein. In Range, one question Epstein explores is whether we learn more when we cram on one topic (or one type of problem), or when we nosh around, take breaks, mix it up, and combine topics. On the micro-level, do we learn geometry more effectively if … Continue reading