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Wonderfully Dreadful!!!

April 14, 2024

I am delighted to report that The Dreadful Duke, book one of the Bad Heir Day Tales, is now available from the web store in all ebook formats, and from Amazon in print. The retail ebook links go live on April 26, and pre-order links for Book Two, The Mysterious Marquess, are available here. (The Marquess has his final cover already too.) Wheee!

On the blog this week, we’re contemplating the difference between information and wisdom, and why that had such an impact on me as an expectant mom. Add your insights to the discussion here.

If you’ve been thinking of giving The Lord Julian Mysteries a try, book one in that series, A Gentleman Fallen on Hard Times, is ebook priced at $2.49 for the month of April in the web store and on all the major retail sites. The audio version of this title should be available on the web store later this month.


A Gentleman Fallen on Good Times!!!

April 1, 2024

I am delighted to report that A Gentleman Fallen on Hard Times, book one of the Lord Julian Mysteries, has been chosen as a Kindle Monthly Deal, priced at $2.49 for the duration. I’ve dropped the price on the other retailers as well, though Apple might be a little higher ($2.99). Order from the vendor of your choice (or my web store) here.

In more good news for his lordship, the audio version of A Gentleman Fallen on Hard Times will soon be available exclusively from the web store. Thank you, narrator without compare, James Langton!

On the blog this week, we’re talking about quadruple toe loops, climbing Everest, building the e-ARC list for The Dreadful Duke, and coloring outside the lines. Add your wisdom and insights to the discussion here.

Lord Julian and Lemonade

March 12, 2024

Last week’s blog post inspired comments about the passions and pleasures we’ve had to give up, and this week we’re looking at the sources of consolation we’ve found for those losses. We’re a thoughtful bunch these days! Join the discussion here.

Our audio narrator par excellence, James Langton, he informed that the first Lord Julian mystery, A Gentleman Fallen on Hard Times, has begun production. These stories will be available as audio books exclusively on the web store, and I’m hoping to have Gent Fallen locked and loaded for a June launch. Look for pre-order links soon!

Back in the Saddle!!!

March 3, 2024

On the blog this week, we are celebrating my triumphant return to the saddle (I got on and stayed aboard for the duration of the ride = triumph). We’re discussing triumphant returns in general, or our aspirations in those directions. Add your comment here.

And speaking of getting back on the horse… On the Deals page, you’ll see that the novella duet, A Lady Without Peer, has been discounted to $.99 in the web store for the month of March. I figured His Grace for the Win, which features a duke in need of riding lessons, was a good fit with this week’s blog post.

Boring reminder: Later this month, I will remove my recent titles from the Google Books retail web site. Backlist titles from my traditional publishers (ye old Windhams, the MacGregors, the Captive Hearts) will remain available there, and an Android compatible version of every self-published story will remain available from the web store.

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Verba Sapientium

April 13, 2024   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

Once upon a time, I was making a bad job of being pregnant. I was sooo morning sick, the whole way through, though working full time and going to law school five nights a week might have had something to do with my misery (and I was broke). I fainted regularly and I was anemic even on mommy-vitamins. I do not recall that time in my life fondly at all. I do though, recall crossing paths with one of my sisters, probably the most conservative sibling of the seven of us, when I was approaching … Continue reading