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Just for Pretty

February 11, 2020

On the blog this week, I’m blathering on about how beauty really and truly pays for itself. Leave your comment for a chance at a $50 1800FLOWERS gift certificate.

And while you’re waiting for your flowers to arrive, you can purchase an ebook version of A Woman of True Honor from the web store. (The print version is also already on sale, link is here.) The ebook title won’t go on sale at the retail sites until next week, so the early bird catches the HEA!

Fabulous February!!!

February 3, 2020

I went a little overboard on the monthly Deals page again. Marquesses at the Masquerade, Dukes in Disguise, and Duchesses in Disguise are all half-priced in the web store, and at Barnes and Noble (coupon code for B&N is BNPFEB50). These novella trios will be de-published later this spring, so toss them onto the TBR pile while they’re cheap!

On the blog this week, I’m pondering PBJ’s and HEA’s, as those significant concepts relate to managing a creative space. Add your comment for a chance at an ARC of A Woman of True Honor (already on sale in print and in the web store)!

Back by Ducal Decree!

January 19, 2020

On the blog this week, I’m pondering another reason why women tend to be very effective problem solvers, and it has to do with wearing so many different hats. I’m also adding to my ARC list for A Woman of True Honor from among the blog commenters, so give us your two cents here.

Once upon a time, I wrote novellas for Elias, Duke of Sedgemere (Once Upon a Dream), and Gerard, Duke of Hardcastle (Dancing in the Duke’s Arms), but then I had to de-publish both anthologies. Neither duke was very happy about that. I finally got around to re-issuing their stories as a duet, and –if you don’t already have these stories–you can order A Duke Walked into a House Party here.

The un-Big Black Moment

January 11, 2020

On the blog this week, I’m pondering how my personal black moments don’t look much like the ones I read or write in books. I’m also adding three names to my ARC list for my February release, A Woman of True Honor. Leave your comment right here.

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To billion or not to billion…

February 15, 2020   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

I should know better… I am on social media mostly to hang out with my readers. My family isn’t there, I’m not much of a group joiner, I certainly don’t need social media to acquaint me with the news…. but there I was, scrolling along on FB, and I saw a meme along the lines of: I am so glad I wasted my time learning about parallelograms, though it sure would be nice if I knew how to do my taxes instead. I about sploded, because that kind of “joke” is so wrong on so … Continue reading