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If You Had One Wish…

April 5, 2020

We are discussing on the blog this week, what one thing we’d change to make the world a better place. Add your comment for a shot at an Advanced Reader ePub of A Duke by Any Other Name (comes out April 28).

I hope the Deals page counts among this month’s better places, featuring discounts on Darius: Lord of Pleasures and my latest novella duet retread, A Lady Without Peer. Happy reading!

Tales for Tough Times….

March 29, 2020

This week on the blog, we’re discussing inspiring words or personal mottoes. Leave your comment for a shot at a B&N e-gift card. On April 1, I will update the Deals page with some new discounts (Darius, I am looking you, sweetie…), and please recall that many of March’s discounted titles (Deals page again) will be de-published April 1. Get ’em while they’re cheap and easy! (And wash your hands!)

TBR Toppers!!!

March 16, 2020

In case social-distancing is putting a dent in your TBR pile… I’ve continued last month’s three-fer discount, and taken half off Love by the Letters as well. Check out the Deals page for the details.

We’re discussing the COVID-19 learning opportunity on the blog this week, and also giving away three $25 Amazon gift cards. Leave your comment here.

Marvelous March!!!

March 1, 2020

Last month’s half-price three-fer went over well on the Deals page, so this month I’ve extended it to all the major platforms. On March 31, Dukes in Disguise, Duchesses in Disguise, and Marquesses at the Masquerade will join the ranks of de-published anthologies, so get ’em before they’re gone!

And on the blog this week, we’re talking about what works, what’s going well, what is headed in the right direction–because success analysis matters. Leave your comment for a shot at a $25 Amazon gift card!

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Change One Thing

April 4, 2020   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

Like many people, I have more time on my hands lately to muse and ponder and think. I have been bedeviled by a question which popped into my head for no apparent reason:  Grace, if you could change one aspect of society right now, what would it be? Of course, I’d like a safe, readily available COVID-19 vaccine, but there will be another virus next year, and my question is aimed at societal structures. I see posts about gerrymandering, voter suppression, wealth concentration, climate change, public health, corporate greed… all kinds of issue are begging … Continue reading