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Make Way for Dukelings!

November 26, 2023

On the blog this week, I’m ruminating about a micro-campaign to bring some order to my nest. Nothing drastic, but the impact has been positive so far. Join the discussion here.

And in other news, I’ve set  up the pre-ordering links for the first story in a new romance series, The Bad Heir Day Tales, which will launch in Spring 2024. These books will feature new peers who come very reluctantly to their honors, and the happily ever afters that find them (despite their grumpy ‘tudes). The first story, The Dreadful Duke, is turning out to be loads of fun, and I am enjoying very much setting up another duke to fall, and fall hard. (Web store link coming soon.)

And in the dramatic entrances category…. Miss Dramatic hits the retail shelves on Tuesday (Nov. 28), though she’s already on sale in the web store. This is book nine in the Mischief in Mayfair series (though we’re in Crosspatch Corners rather than London), and like many self-respecting series finales includes a rollicking chase scene. Ordering links here. Wheee!


Lady Violet Says, “Finally!”

November 19, 2023

On the blog this week, we’re discussing rejection, especially the kind you don’t see coming. Join the discussion here.

I’m exceedingly pleased to announce that Lady Violet Says I Do has gone into audio book production. The very talented Kirsten Potter is narrating, the ladies at Cedar House Audio Productions will work the technical magic, and her ladyship should be up for pre-order in the store in the next few weeks.

Dramatically Yours

November 13, 2023

On the blog this week, we’re pondering the magic of setting, and why place can have an enormous impact on mood and imagination. Add your comment here.

For my print readers, let there be rejoicing in the land: Miss Dramatic is available in print from Amazon. Order your copy here (wider print distribution coming soon).

And lest ye forget, for the whole month of November, my holiday novella, Respect for Christmas, is on sale for $.99 at all the major e-retailers. Links here. My latest holiday tale, Worth More Than Rubies, is priced at $2.99, and those links are here.

Dubiously Ever After!!!

November 5, 2023

I’m delighted to announce that both A Gentleman of Dubious Reputation (Lord Julian’s second mystery) and Worth More Than Rubies, my latest holiday novella, have gone live on all the major retailers (and in the web store, of course). Two more tales for his lordship are already on the Coming Soon page: A Gentleman in Challenging Circumstances (Dec. 5 retail release), and a Gentleman in Pursuit of Truth (Feb. 27, 2024). Wheee!

On the blog this week, I’m thinking about closure–for the year, for the season, for some parts of my life. Join the conversation here.

And while we’re celebrating holiday HEAs… The good folks at Hachette/Grand Central Forever have discounted Respect for Christmas to $.99 for the entire month of November. If you missed Henrietta Whitlow and Michael Brenner’s Yuletide novella, now’s the time to stuff it in your stocking!

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Stocking Stuffer Housekeeping

November 25, 2023   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

The Thanksgiving holiday meant I had a week with no obligations off the property. This hasn’t happened for a while, so I decided to make it a low RPMs week. I’ve done my daily writing sessions (nothing like a new duke to get my fingers flying), and made the grocery run, but other than that I am rolling around in my own private Idaho. Wheee! For no discernible reason, I decided that I would add to my slack days a goal of getting one thing per day cleaned or tidied up that isn’t on the … Continue reading