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More Delightful News!!!

October 8, 2020

Thanks to my wonderful readers, who put My Heart’s True Delight on the USA Today Bestseller list! Next up in the True Gentlemen series is Daisy’s story, Truly Beloved (Jan 19, 2021), followed by Sycamore’s HEA, The Last True Gentleman (Feb. 23, 2021). No pressure, Sycamore, honest!

Winter Is Coming…

September 30, 2020

… in the northern hemisphere, but wherever you are, the end-of-year holidays are coming into view. I have bestirred myself to re-publish two holiday tales, Lady Mistletoe’s Holiday Helper (from Yuletide Wishes), and Catnip and Kisses (from Love and Other Perils), into a Holiday Duet. For the month of October only, you can pick it up from the web store for $1.99. When I load it onto the retail platforms in November (with a better cover, I hope!), the price will pop up to $3.99.

The Last True Gentleman!!!

September 30, 2020

The Last True Gentleman struck me as an appropriate title for Sycamore Dorning’s tale. We met his ladylove, Jeanette, Marchioness of Tavistock, in My Heart’s True Delight. (Jeanette has a few other names for Sycamore.) The retail on-sale date for this story is Feb. 23, 2021, but you can pre-order it from the web store for downloading on Feb. 9, 2021 (Sycamore says that’s in time for Valentine’s Day, by the way).

Oh Happy, Delightful Day!!!

September 22, 2020

I am exceedingly pleased to announce that Ash Dorning and Della Haddonfield’s story, My Heart’s True Delight, is now on sale at all the major retailers (and in the web store of course). A hero wrestling with the mulligrubs and blue devils seems like an appropriate champion in these interesting times, and Della is just the lady to join him in that fight–for more reasons than he knows. Order your copy here, and happy reading!

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The Joys Have It

October 17, 2020   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

I normally end my day with a journal entry, all about my illustrious doin’s, how many steps I got in, what books I worked on. Not exactly late breaking news, but the process of reviewing and documenting the day helps me say good job and goodnight. I also list at least five things about that day that I’m grateful for. That’s a good exercise for hitting re-set on my gratitude-o-meter, but I’m also aware that I’m tired of this danged pandemic. I’m tired of politics, financial upheaval, the publishing industry shooting around the room like … Continue reading