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Delightful Times!

September 16, 2021

I have looked forward to this week for soooooo long! Miss Delightful is now available from all the major retailers, in print, and from libraries. Alasdair and Dorcas get their happily ever after, and Captain Dylan Powell starts eyeing the exits. (He’s not going anywhere without Mrs. Lydia Lovelace.) If you don’t yet have your copy of Miss Delightful, the ordering links are here. Happy reading!

She’s Baaaack!

August 31, 2021

I took a summer hiatus from blogging, and used it to get my third Mischief in Mayfair tale, Miss Dignified, complete in draft. Captain Dylan Powell’s bachelor days (and nights) are numbered, though let’s not tell him that just yet. I am back at the blogging, and this week’s give-away is a $50 Amazon gift card. We’re chatting about the lack of punctuation that characterizes pandemic life, and I do not mean periods and commas. Leave your comment here.

Delightfully Yours!

August 24, 2021

Dare I say I am delighted to announce that Miss Delightful is now on sale in the web store?! This is book two in the Mischief in Mayfair series, a happily ever after for braw, bonnie Major Alasdhair MacKay and the lovely (if lamentably opinionated) Miss Dorcas Delancey. The on-sale date for the major retailers is Sept. 14 (links here), and a print version is already available from Amazon. More print versions coming soon. Happy reading!

And in other news… Book Three in the Mischief in Mayfair series, Miss Dignified, is now up for pre-order. The web store/print/library release date will be on or around December 14, and the retail ebooks will download Jan. 4, 2022. Ordering links here. I suspect there will be a book four, if I can get Xavier Fournier to cooperate…

When Only a Rogue Will Do…

August 19, 2021

And in the saving the best for last category… My Rogues to Riches series will wrap up next April with Never a Duke, which sees our very own Ned Wentworth all grown up and on his lonesome. Lady Rosalind Kinwood prevails on Ned to use connections from his unsavory past to help Rosalind search for her missing lady’s maids. Ned is determined to find the kidnapped women–as is Rosalind–but she’s also intent on stealing Ned’s heart! Pre-ordering links here.

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September Song

September 11, 2021   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

I was coming home from my big day out–a sortie to the horse barn, followed by a grocery run, a bank stop, and a swing through the emissions inspection station, when I got stuck behind a school bus. I was on the windy mountain road that runs past my house, a glorified logging trail flanked on either side with big trees, and only an occasional homestead. I had the thought that the leaves would soon be gone, and that I had best wallow in the greenery while I may. September sunlight is among my favorite, … Continue reading