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Lady Violet Links Up!

November 10, 2021

I am tickled pink, lavender, blue and a few other colors to announce that the digital pre-order links for ALL SIX Lady Violet Mysteries are now live. The library/web store on-sale date for these titles is Dec. 14, and the retail release is scheduled for Feb. 22. I hope to include at least Amazon’s print version in the Dec. 14 launch. Wheeee!

A Rogue for Christmas

November 2, 2021

Happy retail release day to A Rogue in Winter! This is a Rogues to Riches novella that I wrote because I could not stand to see Vicar Pietr Sorenson living all on his lonesome at the edge of the moor for even one more holiday season. (Joy Danforth agreed with me.) Ordering link here if you haven’t added this to your TBR pile yet.

Fuzzy Socks and Turn Back the Clocks!

October 16, 2021

On the blog this week, I’m rejoicing in the change of seasons, and also starting my ARC list for my first Lady Violet mystery, set to launch in December. Leave a comment here, and let us know what you think of winter’s approach!

Delightful News (reprise)!

September 22, 2021

Thanks are due once again to the loveliest readers in the world! Miss Delightful landed on the USA Today best sellers list at No. 73. Miss Delectable scored No. 74 back in June, so Dylan and Lydia (Miss Dignified)… no pressure. None at all.

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Booked for the Holidays

November 27, 2021   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

I love the long, quiet evenings of winter, mostly because those are great reading hours. I’m finishing up James Clear’s Atomic Habits (like most self-help stuff, not a whole lot of substance, but well intended). I have queued up Make Your Art No Matter What by Beth Pickens (thanks to Austin Kleon for the recommendation). And I have scheduled a grand pause on all fronts this week, because Mary Balogh’s Someone Perfect comes out on Tuesday–and you know what that means. I am also noshing my way through Andrew Roberts’ new biography of George III, … Continue reading