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February 18, 2024

On the blog this week, we’re discussing the trees, the forest, and people who have the gift of offering good criticism well. Give us the benefit of your perspective here.

Lord Julian’s fourth mystery, A Gentleman in Pursuit of Truth, is now available in ebook from the web store, and from Amazon in print. The retail versions will publish on Feb. 27, and I can hardly wait! All ordering options here.

Calling all writin’ buddies… I will present a webinar for authors on the riveting top of revisions (one of my favorite parts of creating a book) on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024, 7:15-9:30 pm (Eastern). This is part of the Free-Expressions Literary Services Writing Success series (scroll down through the syllabus to register for my session). If you can’t make it Thursday night, don’t worry. My illustrious maunderings will be available through Vimeo for thirty days (or can be purchased for viewing from Free Expressions at any time). Wheeee!

Here There Be Dragons!!!!

February 11, 2024

On the blog this week, we’re discussing what’s hopeful, right here and now. This topic took me to my local quick lube shop and on a few dragon hunts. Add your comment here.

If you read on an Android device, please be aware that I will be delisting all of my books from the Google Play bookstore by about mid-March. Every current (self-published) title will remain available from the web store in an Android-compatible format, and new releases will continue to have an Android-compatible version in the web store as well.

Lady Violet Says, “Finally!”

February 4, 2024

I am very pleased to announce that the audiobook version of Lady Violet Says I Do, narrated by the talented and versatile Kirsten Potter, is now available exclusively from the web store. Her ladyship and I thank all the readers who’ve been extremely patient waiting for this title to wind its way through production. Happy listening!!!

And for those of us inclined to ebooks, I’ve put Lady Violet Says I Do (ebook) on $.99 discount in the web store for the month of February. Happy reading!

And for my print readers (represent!), you will be pleased to know that Lord Julian’s fourth mystery, A Gentleman in Pursuit of Truth, is already available in print from Amazon. Wheee!


Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

January 28, 2024

On the blog this week, we’re talking about the most neglected part of adult fitness, which is also the one thing Lord Julian must do in every book (besides solve the mystery). Add your comment here.

Speaking of his lordship, A Gentleman in Pursuit of the Truth has a final cover, and I love it! Take a peek here.

If you haven’t grabbed your $.99 ebook of Miss Delectable from the web store, you have until Jan. 31 to check that box. On Feb. 1, the audio version of Lady Violet Says I Do goes on sale exclusively in the web store, and you can order your copy here.


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What She Said–and How She Said It

February 17, 2024   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

People born toward the bottom of large sibling piles tend to be adaptable, in the sense that they instinctively fill vacant roles in any group situation. If the moment wants levity, they crack a joke. If there’s an invisible elephant in the room, they name it. If the dishes are piling up, they do the dishes. The team is stronger for having such personalities on the roster, and not incidentally, the adaptable party finds a lot of ways to feel useful. This tendency doesn’t always prevail, but the trait frequently applies to me. I noticed … Continue reading