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Christmas Comes Early!!!

November 13, 2022

Thanks again to the most wonderful readers in the world! Miss Dauntless landed on the USA Today bestseller’s list, keeping the series streak going. (And no pressure, Miss Devoted. None at all…)

Dauntlessly Yours!!!

November 3, 2022

It feels like I’ve waited forever for Miss Dauntless, book five in the Mischief in Mayfair series, to reach publication. As of this week, this title is available from all the major retailers, and from the web store. Happy reading, and if you see Marcus and Matilda, tell ’em I said hi!

Lady Violet Enjoys an Audio Frolic

October 29, 2022

Lady Violet’s fans will be pleased to know that book four, Lady Violet Enjoys a Frolic, is now available from the major audio book outlets. Book Five, Lady Violet Holds a Baby, will be released as an audio title on Nov. 29. Wheee!

Special Giveaway!

October 15, 2022

On the blog this week, I’m pondering the downsides of persistence, as reflected in the lives of some very smart guys. Author Susanna Ives has generously offered to donate e-ARCs of her upcoming historical romance release, Amends, to three blog commenters. Just leave a comment here.

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Dear Me

November 26, 2022   •  Grace's Most Recent Blog Post

One of the tasks in the Great Preparation for my sister’s post-Christmas visit is to procure a guest bed that doesn’t date from before the flood. To the mattress emporium I did go, and a serviceable new bed I did get, but an aspect of the transaction has bothered me ever since. I picked out the only suitable bed in the store, and sat down to write the exorbitant check, and the floor rep says to me, “I don’t accept checks. That ten or twelve day float creates too much opportunity for fraud, and that’s … Continue reading