He’d rather carry hod in hell…

Finn Cathcart, an increasingly successful sculptor, is having a perfectly fine time on the Continent cavorting with alabaster nymphs and marble goddesses (so to speak), when he’s informed that a ducal title awaits him back in England. The same family who disowned Finn’s father now needs an heir to prevent all their wealth from falling into Crown’s greedy hands.

…She’d rather he did too.

Wilhelmina Cathcart is the widow of the previous ducal heir, and she has no patience with fledgling peers who come grumbling to their honors. Mina has a daughter to raise, meddling family to manage, and no time to explain Mayfair society to a stubborn, backward, contrary duke… even if he is charming and a good listener. Mina and Finn are on the point of admitting a powerful attraction when an enemy close at hand threatens to ruin their hope of a happily ever after. They will have to work together, and put aside both well earned pride and treasured prejudices, if their shared dream is to bloom into a shared future.

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May 2024

A Gentleman in Search of a Wife

The Lord Julian Mysteries--Book Five

Book 5 in the Lord Julian Mysteries series · Pre-Order Your Copy

Lord Julian Caldicott accepts a request to search for the missing wife of Mr. John Tait. Evelyn Tait disappeared five years ago, and as Julian attempts to follow a cold trail, he meets with resistance, lies, and suspicion from those who should seek most eagerly to aid him. Matters grow more complicated when the investigation drives a wedge of silence between Julian and his dear friend Hyperia West.

Julian battles his own past, unexpected enemies, and Hyperia’s disapproving brother while searching for the prodigal wife, and just when he’s tempted to give up in disgust, he realizes the lady is in serious danger. She needs not only to be found, but also to be rescued from imminent peril, no matter the cost to Julian or to the dreams he’s dared to begin to cherish.

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He disappeared years ago. Now he’s back, more mysterious than ever…

The Prodigal Peer…

Lucien, Marquess of Lynnfield, disappeared from the family seat nearly a decade ago, and now he’s back, ready to take his inheritance in hand. Questions swirl–Where was he? Why return now? What sort of man has he become?–and Lucien can’t offer much in the way of explanations. All he knows is, the dearest companion of his youth, Lady Penelope Richard, is being courted by a handsome cad, and Lucien cannot allow her ladyship to waste her future on a scoundrel.

Or the Return of the Rogue?

Penelope hasn’t seen Lucien for years, but she’s been too angry with him for abandoning her to forget him. He broke her heart when he left the first time, and she is quite, entirely, completely over him–almost–until old passion stir backs to life, hotter and more dangerous than ever. If Lucien and Penelope are to share their hearts as well as searing kisses, they will have to overcome their worst fears and outwit an enemy who will do anything to keep them apart.

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And if that’s not enough… 

Whenever I launch a new series, I’m among those wondering how many books it will have. The new series in 2024 (see His Dreadfulness above) is The Bad Heir Day Tales. These romances focus on heirs of last resort who want nothing to do with the title fate is foisting upon them, but who discover that true love can turn up in the most unexpected circumstances. The Mysterious Marquess will come out in August, and I hope to get a third title in the series published before the year ends. I can see as far as that, but invariably, my trilogies ends up being quartets or longer.

Lord Julian seems to no sooner solve one puzzle than he’s confronted with another, and I can see at least two more releases for him later this year (in addition to Gent in Pursuit and Gent in Search, noted above). These will be autumn titles, and possibly include my first holiday mystery. Wouldn’t that be fun?

I’ve also begun combing through the past twelve years of blog posts, with a vague plan of publishing the ones I like best in a compendium. I’m working on a book for writers, too, working title, My Book Hates Me, but those are slow, slack-day projects that might not see the light of day for a while. Going to be a fun, busy year!

If you follow me on Bookbub, you’ll get a brief new release announcement as every upcoming title becomes available for pre-order. (Maybe I should follow myself on Bookbub…?)

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