November 26 2019

Forever and a Duke

Book 3 in the Rogues to Riches series · Pre-Order Your Copy

Somebody is stealing from Wrexham, Duke of Elsmore, but if Polite Society learns that his account books don’t balance, then Rex, his bank, and his whole family are ruined. Fortunately, Mrs. Eleanora Hatfield is a whiz at puzzling out the clues hidden in the ledgers. Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with any fellow sporting a title, and most especially nothing to do with a duke!

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February 2020

A Woman of True Honor

Book 8 in the True Gentlemen series · Pre-Order Your Copy

A Woman of True Honor by Grace Burrowes

Genre: Historical

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Valerian Dorning is the quintessential younger son, poised and charming, always happy to partner the wall flowers or make up the numbers. Then he meets heiress Emily Pepper, and the life of an impecunious bachelor abruptly loses its appeal…

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Nathaniel Rothmere has bided for years in solitude at the Rothhaven ducal seat on the edge of the Yorkshire moors. He carefully cultivates a reputation for secrecy and ill-humor, such that most of his neighbors only catch a glimpse of him has he gallops his demon-black steed hellbent as darkness falls.

Lady Althea Wentworth has little patience for grumpy dukes (her brother is one), but she needs Nathaniel’s guidance as she seeks entree into Yorkshire society. Reclusive, difficult Rothmere has figured out the secret to commanding respect from one and all, while Althea has failed at that same quest during multiple London seasons. Nathaniel at first refuses to help Althea, but solitude on the moors has become a trial, and Althea commands Nathaniel’s respect, so what’s a lonely, brooding duke to do?

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And if that’s not enough… For reasons unbeknownst to me, I’ve also started writing a Regency mystery series with a working title of Lady Violet Investigates. I have no idea where that project is going, but I’m having great fun with book two, Lady Violet Attends a Wedding! Later in 2020, I’ll very likely have a True Gentlemen story for Oak Dorning, and yet another Rogues to Riches is scheduled for Fall 2020–The Truth About Dukes–which is turning out to be one lovely story.

If you follow me on Bookbub, you’ll get a brief new release announcement as every upcoming title becomes available for pre-order. (Maybe I should follow myself on Bookbub…?)

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