September 2020

My Heart’s True Delight

Book 10 in the True Gentlemen series · Pre-Order Your Copy

Ash Dorning has loved Della Haddonfield from afar for years. He has played the part of the cordial family connection and battled every demon from lack of funds, to meddling relatives, to a recurring case of the blue devils–while other men have won Della’s smiles. When Della lands in the midst of scandal, those fellows who fawned over her hand disappear behind the nearest potted palms, leaving Ash to waltz to the rescue.

Della is compromised by a thoroughgoing bounder, and only Ash’s loyalty stands between her and hopeless ruin. But Ash has played least in sight with her for too long, and too many secrets lie between them for Della to believe that Ash is motivated by anything other than gentlemanly duty. When troubles comes calling once again, Ash and Della either learn to trust their love, or they will lose everything they hold dear—including each other.

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November 3, 2020

The Truth About Dukes

Book 5 in the Rogues to Riches series · Pre-Order Your Copy

Robert Rothmere is hiding a past no duke should have endured, but he’s not hiding it well enough. Sooner or later, his enemies will learn that he spent years locked away at a private asylum. To get their hands on his wealth, they’ll try to send him right back to his worst nightmares. If Robert is to foil their schemes, he needs to marry a perfectly proper, blessedly boring, deadly dull duchess, immediately — and he knows exactly which quietly delightful lady he’d love to entrust with that role.

Lady Constance Wentworth has cultivated a reputation for utter forgettability. She never speaks out of turn (in public), never has a daring thought (that she admits aloud), and never comes close to courting scandal… as far as anybody knows. Her path crossed Robert’s years ago, though, and she’s never forgotten the extraordinary lengths he traveled to keep her safe when she hadn’t a friend in the world. She longs to be his demure duchess…but little does he know that to marry her would be utter madness

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January 2021

Truly Beloved

Book 11 in the True Gentlemen series · Pre-Order Your Copy

Daisy Dorning Fromm is grieving the sudden loss of a husband in whom she’d become profoundly disappointed. When Fabianus Haviland, Viscount Penweather, becomes a guest on the neighboring estate, Daisy is reluctantly attracted. Penweather has a knack for listening, for speaking both honestly and kindly, and he has his own losses and regrets to mourn…

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Spring 2021

How to Catch a Duke

Book in the Rogues to Riches series

Genre: Historical

Lord Stephen Wentworth is heir to a dukedom he never wants to inherit. He can resign himself to becoming a member of the peerage if he must, but the prospect of raising the next ducal heir scares him witless.

Abigail Abbott is a private inquiry agent whose Quaker upbringing has left her with a hearty disdain for all the worldly trappings of the aristocracy. Nonetheless, when she needs a quick-witted, powerful ally she turns reluctantly to Stephen… who greets her with open arms.

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An Invitation to the Ball…By Fifteen of Your Favorite Historical Romance Authors!

Enjoy this collection of never-before-released short novellas and long short stories celebrating the romance and magic of mid-summer night by your favorite historical romance authors!


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And if that’s not enough… 

You might have also noticed that Darius: Lord of Pleasures has a new cover and slightly lower price, as do some of his Lonely Lords friends. Nicholas: Lord of Secrets has also been re-covered and down-priced, as have Ethan: Lord of Scandals, and Beckman: Lord of Sins. Gabriel: Lord of Regrets will follow in early September, with Gareth: Lord of Rakes on deck for November, and Andrew: Lord of Despair in the bullpen for December.

The Rogues to Riches series should wrap up in spring 2021 with Stephen Wentworth’s story, How to Catch a  Duke, and the True Gentlemen should also wrap up, with a January release for Lady Daisy (working title Truly Beloved), and a March story for Sycamore Dorning (working title: All Hell Truly Breaks Loose Mayfair… or something).

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I’ve also started writing a Regency mystery series with a working title of Lady Violet Investigates. I have no idea where that project is going, but I’ve finished book three, Lady Violet Finds a Groom. Books one, two, and three are all off in Madam Copy Editor’s capable hands, and book four is beginning to germinate.

This fall, I should also get my novellas for Max and Antonia (from Love and Other Perils), and Margaret and Marcus (Yuletide Wishes) bundled for re-publication, and the Italian translation for A Lady of True Honor should also be published. Busy times!

If you follow me on Bookbub, you’ll get a brief new release announcement as every upcoming title becomes available for pre-order. (Maybe I should follow myself on Bookbub…?)

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