An Invitation to the Ball…By Fifteen of Your Favorite Historical Romance Authors!

Enjoy this collection of never-before-released short novellas and long short stories celebrating the romance and magic of mid-summer night by your favorite historical romance authors!


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Spring 2021

Miss Delectable

Book 1 in the Mischief in Mayfair series · Pre-Order Your Copy

Miss Ann Pearson has spent years learning the difficult art of the professional cook, and jealously guards her position in the kitchen of the fancy Coventry Club. When Colonel Sir Orion Goddard asks her to take on a young apprentice, Ann would rather refuse. But Orion is respectful, gruffly charming, and looking out for a girl whom others have neglected, and that is a combination Ann cannot resist.

Lingering scandal has taught Orion to make his way along the fringes of polite society without allies or entanglements. Then he meets Ann, who is fierce, passionate, and warm-hearted, and also worth fighting for. If Orion and Ann are to forge a new love, they must first learn to trust each other, and find the courage to overcome old enemies who will do anything to keep the cook and colonel apart.

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Miss Dorcas Delancey, vicar’s daughter and advocate for the less fortunate, has been  guarding her heart from fortune hunters and fashionable fribbles for years. She’s completely unprepared for Alasdhair MacKay, former officer and all around grouch, to steal that heart. But when Alasdhair takes on responsibility for a motherless infant whom Dorcas’s family won’t acknowledge, she sees the honor lurking beneath his gruff mannerisms.

Alasdhair MacKay did not storm hell with Wellington’s army just so he could drink, swive, and flirt his way through life after Waterloo. He’s serious, intelligent, and passionate about his causes–also passionate in his regard for Dorcas. He’s the man of her dreams and a paragon in plaid, but looming scandal means Dorcas will have to choose between love and the honor Alasdhair so relentlessly values.

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And if that’s not enough… 

Also in the work-in-progress category, we have Never a Duke, a story for Ned Wentworth, that will be book seven in the Rogues to Riches series. Look for a release date in early 2022.

Because I cannot bear to go more than a few months without a Rogues to Riches release, I’ve written a Christmas novella for Vicar Pietr Sorenson–a Rogue in Winter–which should come out in early November. Look for ordering links soon, because it’s never too early to pre-order your next Rogue!

In the past year, publication rights to the entire Lonely Lords series have reverted to me, and significant effort has gone into re-covering and buffing those stories. They are now all available on the web store (and the major retailers) so don’t be lonely for the Lonely’s!

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I’ve started writing a Regency mystery series with a working title of Lady Violet Investigates. I have no idea where that project is going, but I’ve finished book five, Lady Violet Finds a Baby. Books one through five are all off in Madam Copy Editor’s capable hands, and book six is germinating. The soonest I can see publishing these stories is Fall 2021. Too many Rogues, too much Mischief, and pretty soon it’s time to start the stories for Noah Winters’s siblings from The Duke’s Disaster!

If you follow me on Bookbub, you’ll get a brief new release announcement as every upcoming title becomes available for pre-order. (Maybe I should follow myself on Bookbub…?)

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