He disappeared years ago. Now he’s back, more mysterious than ever…

The Prodigal Peer…

Lucien, Marquess of Lynnfield, disappeared from the family seat nearly a decade ago, and now he’s back, ready to take his inheritance in hand. Questions swirl–Where was he? Why return now? What sort of man has he become?–and Lucien can’t offer much in the way of explanations. All he knows is, the dearest companion of his youth, Lady Penelope Richard, is being courted by a handsome cad, and Lucien cannot allow her ladyship to waste her future on a scoundrel.

Or the Return of the Rogue?

Penelope hasn’t seen Lucien for years, but she’s been too angry with him for abandoning her to forget him. He broke her heart when he left the first time, and she is quite, entirely, completely over him–almost–until old passion stir backs to life, hotter and more dangerous than ever. If Lucien and Penelope are to share their hearts as well as searing kisses, they will have to overcome their worst fears and outwit an enemy who will do anything to keep them apart.

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He’s cheated death…

Lord Julian Caldicott is summoned by his estranged mother to search for old love letters she has misplaced. Julian soon realizes the letters along with other items of sentimental value have been stolen. The thief is preying on wealthy women, purloining mementos both dear and scandalous. If the missing items become public, many reputations will be ruined, including the duchess’s.

…but dishonor might yet defeat him.

Julian embarks on the investigation despite having no clues, too many suspects, and his distant and difficult mama at the center of the whole intrigue. In the midst of these frustrations, Julian’s ducal brother takes ship for France, adding more duties to his lordship’s already full plate. Before Julian can bring the culprit behind the thefts to justice, he must first come to terms with old betrayals that could yield new and deadly fruit.

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And if that’s not enough… 

Whenever I launch a new series, I’m among those wondering how many books it will have. The new series in 2024 is The Bad Heir Day Tales. These romances focus on heirs of last resort who want nothing to do with the title fate is foisting upon them, but who discover that true love can turn up in the most unexpected circumstances. The Mysterious Marquess will come out in August, and I hope to get a third title in the series published before the year ends, working title The Elusive Earl. I can see as far as that, but invariably, my trilogies end up being quartets or longer.

Lord Julian seems to no sooner solve one puzzle than he’s confronted with another, and I can see at least one more release for him later this year after A Gentleman of Unreliable Honor. The seventh Lord Julian mystery has a working title of A Gentleman Under the Mistletoe, which suggests I’d better get that sucker published by early November.

I’ve also begun combing through the past twelve years of blog posts, with a vague plan of publishing the ones I like best in a compendium. I’m working on a book for writers, too, working title, My Book Hates Me, but those are slow, slack-day projects that might not see the light of day for a while. Going to be a fun, busy year!

If you follow me on Bookbub, you’ll get a brief new release announcement as every upcoming title becomes available for pre-order. (Maybe I should follow myself on Bookbub…?)

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