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I really appreciate that you’ve chosen to browse and buy your ebooks (and some  audiobooks!) right here directly on graceburrowes.com. If you don’t see a title you are looking for or are looking for a print book, all ordering options for all of my books can be found here on my site graceburrowes.com. Titles are added to my store regularly.

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If this is your first time using Bookfunnel, you are having trouble, or it’s been a while, read this first. The steps are easy peasy, and the good folks at Bookfunnel offer customer service that can walk you through any quirk unique to your device or software. Happy reading!

NOTE: Pre-orders must be purchased in a separate transaction aside from any other books as your card is charged on release day. Adding a pre-order book to your cart will cause the cart to be emptied if it contains other items.

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