Purchasing Books through Grace’s Store

The true first step is to choose the Grace Burrowes book you want to buy. Not all of Grace’s books are available on her store, but all the books she has self-published are, as well as some bundles that aren’t available anywhere else. Visit Grace’s complete bookstore »

Buying your new book

  1. If a book is available through Grace’s bookstore, you’ll find a link at the top and bottom of the book page. At the top of the page, click Buy from Grace. At the bottom, click Grace’s Book Store.
  2. When you click “Order from Grace” you will be taken to a PayPal window. You can then log into PayPal to complete the transaction.
  3. If you do not have/want a PayPal account or do not want to use PayPal, you may click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card,” which can be found at the bottom of the window. Enter your information and click “No, I don’t want an account now.” Then click “PAY NOW.”
  4. After payment, CHECK YOUR EMAIL for a new message from Bookfunnel, which will contain a link to get your book and will guide you through getting your files onto your computer or device with both written and video instructions. Help is available at every step.

Good to know…

The email with the link to download your book will be valid for approximately two weeks. You can download different versions of the book files through the link in this email, in case you change your mind which format you’d like. Once the code has expired the link will no longer work and you will need to re-purchase the book if you need the files again.

Tips for Kindle Readers

We’ve found that Kindles can be a tad tricky, and have identified one place a few readers get hung up. After choosing which kindle model you have, you will be led through entering a website address into the web browser on your kindle. Here’s a tip: once you reach the screen below:

You will need to click (1). OK, and then (2). your home icon (the little house shape). It is confusing because after clicking OK, the cover for the book remains on your screen, which makes some readers feel like they are caught in a loop. Simply click on your home icon next to bring you back to your main library screen where you will find your new book.