At the very end of Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight, Joseph Carrington is given the title Earl of Kesmore, and he’s referred to as Kesmore in subsequent Windham family stories. In The Trouble With Dukes, he’s referred to as the Earl of Keswick (also the Earl of Cowlick). What happened?

Author error! I hadn’t written Joseph into a story in some time, though he’s one of my faves (they’re all my faves). I did double-check his title in Louisa’s story, and right there on the page, it says Kesmore. I happily congratulated myself on my conscientiousness (if not my memory), sat back down at the computer, and wrote Keswick.

I have two associations with the name Keswick. The first is a town in Virginia where I’ve seen and participated in some really cool horse shows. Good memories! The second is a town in England’s Lake District where I’ve stayed for a long weekend—more good memories! Maybe the good memories decided to morph Joseph’s title? In any case, I’ll explain the confusion in an author’s note if Joseph shows up in another happily ever after. I have a feeling Louisa is laughing herself silly over this. She kinda liked that bit about Earl of Cowlick.