Dukes and Dudes (in kilts) for October

I’m just home from a jaunt through Scotland, so kilted laddies are on my mind. Then I see that Montana has endured a huge early snowstorm, and when it came time to choose October’s 50% off title, Tartan Two-Step was the clear winner. The price has been dropped in my website store (both ePub and Kindle files available), and at Barnes and Noble use the code BNPTARTAN50 to cut the price from $3.99 to $1.99. If you need the B&N reading app for your phone, PC, or tablet, you can download that here.

If you didn’t pick up your $.99 copy of No Dukes Allowed, you can still snap that one up on all major platforms, but the anthology is scheduled to retire on or around October 15. Once it’s gone, the individual authors will doubtless make the novellas available in some form, but that could take a while (ahem, Grace).

And finally, my publisher has priced Forever and a Duke (ebook) at $3.99 for the pre-order period. Once we get to the November 24 on-sale date, that price will likely vanish in flood of cyber-week mayhem, so order Wrexham and Ellie’s story sooner rather than later!