The Lusty Month of January!

It’s a new year, and I have a new True Gentlemen coming out next month. A Woman of True Honor is Valerian Dorning and Emily Pepper’s story, and my heavens, did I ever have fun writing it! The web store release date is Feb. 8, while the major e-book platforms and print version will go on sale Feb. 18.

With that happy news in mind, this month’s 50% off titles are…

Worth: Lord of Reckoning (he insisted), which is where we met the Dorning siblings for the first time.


Because Worth is a venerable fellow (the title is going on five years old), and I know most readers will have picked up a copy somewhere along the way, I’ve also taken half off the prices of Grey’s story, A Truly Perfect Gentleman, and Hawthorne’s tale, A Lady of True Distinction.

You can buy the discounted ebook versions either in my webstore, or at Barnes and Noble, where you will need the checkout discount code: BNPTRUEG50. The same code works for any and all of the three discounted titles. If you don’t have the Nook reading app, you can find that here.

Dose yourself with Dornings, and the winter blahs won’t stand a chance!