Deep in November…

And we have a new guy in the web store! An old guy, actually. My foundation couple, Gareth and Felicity, as in Gareth: Lord of Rakes, is available in the web store for $3.99, which is slightly below the price on the retail platforms. I would say, “Get him while he’s hot…” except, well… Felicity is laughing uproariously.

In case you missed it, the web store offers a few holiday titles for free. The Ducal Gift and The Christmas Carriage are short stories set in the Windham Yuletide world,  featuring Westhaven and Anna, and–of course, Percival and Esther, respectively. Download your copy here.  I forget what prompted me to write The Marquess of Mistletoe, but that’s another freebie of about 15,000 words–half a novella. It’s available exclusively from the web store. Download your copy here.

Daisy Dorning’s story, Truly Beloved, has a retail on-sale date of Jan. 18, 2021, though the web store release date is Dec. 15, 2020 (yes, you read that right)! She’s off to the copy editor, and Sycamore’s tale, The Last True Gentleman, isn’t far behind!

Happy reading!

Grace Burrowes