Jack and Chill

Love by the (Discounted!) Letters

It’s stocking stuffer season, says me, and Vanessa Riley and Kelly Bowen agree! We’ve reduced the price of Love by the Letters to $.99 on all retail platforms and in the web store. Each of the three novellas stands alone, but they are connected by the same premise and wee, teeny little mystery. Happy reading!

As I type this, my part of Maryland is in for its first hard freezes of the season. This is the time of year when hot tea tastes better, the bugs GO AWAY, and the keeper reads get their turn in the TBR pile.


The weather put me in mind of Jack, or Sir John Dewey Fanning, a guy I first met in–of all places–The Virtuoso. Jack’s story noodled around in the back of my mind forever, until I met Miss Madeline Hennessey, who sorted out the HEA–and Jack–in short order. Jack takes place at this same time of year, as the days grow shorter, the land goes quiet, and snuggling takes on special appeal.

So November is Jack’s turn to be on half-off discount, both in my web store (mobi or epub) and at Barnes and Noble. The B&N discount code to use at check out is BNPJACK50, which will work all month, so please pass it along to anybody whose TBR pile is looking stunted.

And lest we forget, my publisher has priced Forever and a Duke (ebook) at $3.99 for the pre-order period. Once we get to the November 26 on-sale date, that price will likely vanish in a flood of cyber-week mayhem, so order Wrexham and Ellie’s story sooner rather than later!