You Don’t Know Jack

When I wrote The Virtuoso, way, way back more than ten years ago, the magistrate had to be called to investigate acts of vandalism on Valentine Windham’s property. The magistrate was Sir John Dewey Fanning, aka Jack to his few familiars. When I met him, I said to myself, “Something’s up with that guy…” But what?

Not until 2016 did that guy tell me his tale, which takes place during a cold and frosty winter. In honor of our recent snow and cold, I’ve discounted Jack on the web store to $.99.

And while we’re doing the deep discounts… Storm and Shelter, the novella anthology coming out in April, is also priced at $.99 through the first week on sale. At that point the price goes up to $2.99, which is still a steal of a deal for eight related novellas. We set our stories in Fenwick on Sea, just as the village is hit with a horrendous spring storm. For some reason, this creates a lot of happy couples… Order your copy here.

Look for David: Lord of Honor to join the web store book shelf in late March, and I am determined to get more of my de-published novellas bundled up and on sale this spring too. First in that line up will be a trio for Jonathan and Amy, Mary Fran and Matthew, and Morgan and Archer. So many HEAs, so little time!

Happy reading!

Grace Burrowes