Finally 2022!!!

You might have noticed that the MacGregor series holiday novel, What a Lady Needs for Christmas, has a new cover, and a new (lower) ebook price. The retail outlets now have the ebook for $4.99 (and it’s a buck cheaper in the web store for a limited time). It’s still selling, so I’ll leave the webstore discount in place until we all get Valentine’s Day fever… or something.

This is the story of Lady Joan Flynn, a very proper Englishwoman who needs a husband by Christmas, and Scottish mill owner Dante “Hard-Hearted” Hartwell, who thinks taking an aristocratic wife would be a smart business move… Then he does the really smart thing and falls in love with his new wife. Wheeee! If you need to add this one to your collection, the ordering links are here.

And as for Lady Violet... all six titles went live in the web store on Dec. 14, and the print versions on Amazon are already on sale. Miss Dignified ALSO went live in the web store on Dec. 14. If bad snowy weather hits later this month, you and your e-reader will be ready!