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The First Kiss EBook


Book 2 in the Sweetest Kisses series



Classical pianist Vera Waltham is recovering from a bad break up by taking a hiatus with her daughter in the Damson Valley countryside. She’s content with her music, and has no interest in complicating her life with further attempts at romance.

Attorney James Knightley is a numbers guy who reads contractual fine print for fun, and he wants nothing to do with damsels, in distress or otherwise. Nobody is more surprised than James when he falls for Vera, and the only contract on James’s mind when it comes to that talented lady is holy matrimony.

Vera is gathering her resolve to resume performing, and handsome, lonely lawyers don’t have a place on her program. Then somebody starts threatening Vera, and her best shot a staying safe is to put her trust in James. Does she dare give him her heart as well?

NOTE: The Sweetest Kisses series was originally published in 2015, and has been on hiatus for the past year. The republished versions have been slightly updated.