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The Windham Ducal Duet EBook


A novella in the Republished Regencies, Windham series



THE COURTSHIP–Percival Windham, the Moreland spare, is politely fending off matchmakers and merry widows alike as he endures three interminable weeks at a summer house party. Esther Himmelfarb is trudging through the same three weeks at the same house party, trying to keep a handsome cousin out of trouble while she dodges proposals from gouty barons, and propositions from upstart peers. Percival is far above her touch, Esther is not at all who Percy had in mind, but some things are meant to be!

THE DUKE AND HIS DUCHESS–In this second prequel novella to the popular Windham series, Percival and Esther Windham face the tumultuous and bittersweet first years of marriage. Between an aging patriarch, a full nursery, money troubles, and political difficulties, true love is slipping from sight. Then Percival’s past delivers a double helping of trouble at precisely the wrong time, and Percival and Esther must decide whether their marriage becomes an alliance of convenience or an enduring love story.