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Dear Readers: Grace is planning on issuing as many as a dozen titles in 2015, between print editions, ebooks, novellas and full length stories. The following information may change somewhat as the publication schedule is refined. Excerpts of many of the titles below are already available — email Grace and let her know which story you're interested in.

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  • March 2016

    Dukes in Disguise

    a Regency novella anthology

    Grace Burrowes, Emily Greenwood, and Susanna Ives team up to bring you three Regency novellas, each featuring a young, wealthy duke who must spend two weeks masquerading as a commoner in the bucolic backwater of Lesser Puddlebury. Disaster will rain down if their graces’ titled status become public knowledge. Fortunately for our heroes, true love is no respecter of rank.

    His Grace of Lesser Puddlebury by Grace Burrowes Connor, Duke of Mowne, has been injured in a most delicate location, and needs a place to heal far from the eyes of Polite Society. When he takes refuge with the independent and impecunious Julianna St. Bellan, he suspects his wound was in truth caused by Cupid’s arrow!

    Duchess of Light by Susanna Ives In a tangle of lies and disguises, a brokenhearted duke and a desperate miss find truth in love.

    Kiss Me, Your Grace by Emily Greenwood Rowan, Duke of Starlingham, thinks love is for fools, though when he arrives at his hunting box to find an alluring but puzzlingly uncooperative woman pretending to be his cousin, he realizes he may be a victim of the most absurd malady of all: love at first sight.

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  • April 2016

    Once Upon a Dream

    Grace is very pleased to announce that she and Mary Balogh will co-publish a pair of novellas bundled together as Once Upon a Dream. Mary’s story is titled, “Another Dream,” while Grace calls hers, “The Duke of My Dreams.” Both are set at ducal house parties, and both feature heroines who’ve long since moderated their expectations where true love is concerned. Silly heroines!

    We met Elias and Anne, Duke and Duchess of Sedgemere, in Grace’s novella, “May I Have This Duke” (in the Dancing in the Duke’s Arms, anthology). The Duke of My Dreams is their graces’ story, wherein we’ll see our friend the bachelor Duke of Hardcastle assisting the course of true love… and also herding ducks, Sedgemere stewards sheep races (every duke needs a skill to fall back on), and Anne teaches Sedgemere what lucky clovers are truly for…

    In Another Dream, Miss Eleanor Thompson has done well as the proprietor of a respected school for girls. The life of a dedicated educator offers many rewards and much meaning, and also more loneliness than Eleanor anticipates. She accepts an invitation from her sister, Christine, Duchess of Bewcastle to attend a Bedwyn house party, never dreaming that the summer’s curriculum might include stolen kisses or true love.

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  • Summer 2016


    The Fourth Jaded Gentleman

    Sir John Dewey Fanning (Jack to his familiars) is magistrate of a corner of Oxfordshire plagued by one incident of petty mischief after another. To add to his aggravation, his mama and younger brother are joining his household for the winter, and Jack’s domestic staff can’t seem to sort itself out.

    He turns to Miss Madeline Hennessey to act as his mother’s temporary companion, despite the fact that Jack hs long harbored feelings for the ever-competent and self-reliant Miss Hennessey. Madeline reluctantly accepts the position, and proximity leads to investigations of an amorous nature. Can Jack stop the crime spree and steal Madeline’s heart, too?

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  • Also coming in 2016...

    Grace is now at work on stories featuring the four Windham cousins, daughters of Lord Anthony Windham, who we met in The Courtship. The first tale deals with Megan Windham, a near-sighted, retiring, sensible young lady, and Hamish MacHugh, who had a minor role (as a Scottish meat wagon?) in The Traitor. Hamish sees quite well--well enough to know that the earldom unexpectedly thrust upon him bodes nothing but trouble for a man who'd rather be tramping through the heather of his Scottish home. Megan can teach him to waltz and when to bow, but can Hamish teach Megan to trust the whisperings of her heart rather than dictates of propriety? Read a sneak peek from Megan Windham’s story »

    Megan's sisters--Beth, Charlotte, and Anwen--all expect their own happily ever afters, so look for their stories to appear after Megan and Hamish's.

    Grace is also drafting a novel that plucks a modern day Scottish earl from the Highland Holidays world (does the name Brodie sound familiar?), and drops him amid the bucolic splendor of Damson Valley, of Kiss and Tell fame. There's a lady farmer, some misunderstandings, a wee dram or two, some kisses, a few more misunderstandings... details to follow just as soon as the characters come up for air!