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Dear Readers: Grace is planning on issuing as many as a dozen titles in 2014, between print editions, ebooks, novellas and full length stories. The following information may change somewhat as the publication schedule is refined. Excerpts of many of the titles below are already available — email Grace and let her know which story you're interested in.

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  • October 2014

    What a Lady Needs for Christmas

    The Fourth Scottish Victorian
    featuring the MacGregor brothers

    Lady Joan Flynn needs a husband—any husband—if she’s not to find scandal and mischief under her Christmas tree; Scottish wool magnate Dante “Hard-hearted” Hartwell needs an aristocratic wife to gain access to the financing that will keep his wool mills secure. Can holiday magic spin an expedient match into true love, and wary differences into trust?

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  • arms_450

    October 2014

    Christmas in the Duke’s Arms

    An anthology of Regency novellas by Grace Burrowes, Shana Galen, Carolyn Jewel and Miranda Neville.

    These yuletide tales are set in rural Nottinghamshire and feature couples who dream of holidays filled with true love, however unlikely that might be. A highwayman, a cozy country inn, a Christmas assembly and copious bundles of mistletoe contribute to merry, romantic holiday happily ever afters.

  • November 2014

    Kiss and Tell

    A Novella introducing the Sweetest Kisses contemporary romance series…

    Jane DeLuca, Esquire, thrives on advocating zealously for her clients in Damson County’s family law courts, though her solo practice leaves no time for a personal life. She’s opposed in a nasty divorce by dour, stubborn Scotsman Dunstan Cromarty, and yet, as the clients’ issues grow more complicated, so do Jane’s feelings for Dunstan, and his for her. Crossing personal lines could cost them each their license to practice law, and in a small jurisdiction, they’ll oppose each other frequently. Neither can afford to give up their livelihood or their professional integrity, but can they give up each other?

    Formerly titled Courtship Adjourned.

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  • December 2014

    A Kiss for Luck

    A Novella in the Sweetest Kisses contemporary romance series

    Game designer Sadie Delacourt has moved to the peaceful, bucolic town of Damson Valley for a fresh start where she can keep an eye on a recently divorced sister and her small nephew. Sadie plans to focus on her business and her family, until handsome neighbor Gideon Granville turns his focus on Sadie. When Sadie learns where Gideon has been aiming his snooping skills, she’s ready to delete him from her plans entirely—though Gideon is all that stands between her and the trouble she thought she’d left behind her.

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  • January 2015

    A Single Kiss

    The first contemporary romance in The Sweetest Kisses trilogy

    New attorney Hannah Stark agrees to spend six months helping out in the family law department, though an upbringing as a foster child has left her determined never to set foot in a domestic relations courtroom.

    Trenton Knightley, the law firm’s family law expert, is equally determined that business and pleasure can’t mix. Hannah finds herself working with Trent on one tough case after another, and grows less and less pleased with her vocation. Trent, however, is increasingly impressed with Hannah–and not simply for her courtroom skills.

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  • February 2015

    The First Kiss

    The second contemporary romance in The Sweetest Kisses series

    Classical pianist Vera Waltham is recovering from a bad break up by taking a hiatus with her daughter in the Damson Valley countryside. She’s content with her music, and has no interest in complicating her life with further attempts at romance.

    Attorney James Knightley is a numbers guy who reads contractual fine print for lunch, and wants nothing to do with damsels, in distress or otherwise. Nobody is more surprised than James when he falls for Vera Waltham, and the only contract on James’s mind when it comes to Vera is holy matrimony.

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  • March 2015

    Kiss Me Hello

    The third contemporary romance in The Sweetest Kisses series

    MacKenzie Knightley is the best criminal trial attorney in Damson County, but he has no defense against petite, peppery Sidonie Lindstrom, a foster mom who’s moved into the farmhouse where Mack and his brothers grew up.

    Sid is grieving the loss of her brother, worried she’s about to lose her foster son, and in no mood for romantic nonsense when Mack drives up the lane. And yet, he’s good with her horses, good with her foster son, and just the sort of solid, trustworthy, guy she might fall for—until she learns that he’s not at all what he appears to be.

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  • disaster_450

    April 2015

    The Duke’s Disaster

    Noah Winters, Duke of Anselm, exercises the pragmatism for which he’s infamous when his preferred choice of bride cries off, and her companion, Lady Thea Collins, becomes his next choice for his duchess. Lady Thea’s mature, sensible and even rather attractive—what could possibly go wrong?

    As a lady fallen on hard times, Thea doesn’t expect tender sentiments from His Grace, but she does wish Noah had courted her trust, lest her past turn their hastily arranged marriage into a life of shared regrets. Is His Grace courting a convenient wife, or a ducal disaster?

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  • thomas_450

    Spring 2015


    Thomas Jennings, Baron Sutcliffe, relinquishes his position as man of business for David, Lord Fairly, to take up life as a country squire. Thomas’s newly purchased estate, Linden, is managed by Miss Loris Tanner, daughter of the former steward who abandoned his post—and his only child—under a cloud of scandal. Thomas is willing to give Loris a chance to prove her competence in a profession uniformly undertaken by men, but the situation becomes complicated. Will Loris give the Thomas a chance to become something more dear and lasting to her than simply her broad-minded employer, or will the scandal in her past come back to ruin her future, too?

  • matthew_450

    Summer 2015


    Widower Matthew Belmont has sent his youngest child off to prepare for university with relatives, and must content himself with the uneventful life of a rural gentleman who also serves as the shire’s magistrate. When Theresa Jennings, a neighbor’s sister, calls on Matthew to find a missing child, matters liven up considerable.

    The little girl is found, but Matthew’s heart is lost, and to a woman who wants nothing to do with men, and the havoc they can create in a woman’s life. When trouble comes calling for Theresa, she must turn to Matthew for help, even though he’d also like to give her his heart.

  • axel_450

    Summer 2015


    Widower Axel Belmont, like his brother Matthew, occasionally takes a turn serving as magistrate in his small corner of Oxfordshire. When the owner of a neighboring estate is murdered, Axel initially suspects Abigail Stoneleigh, the grieving widow, but then she too, appears to be in harm’s way.

    Abby accepts Axel’s hospitality lest he take her into formal custody as a suspect, but it’s her heart Axel captures. He’s a conscientious and loving father, a devoted brother, and an astute magistrate, but will he solve the murder mystery before the villain strikes again?