Nov 20 Afoot Update

The Soldier” was named by The Library Journal on its “More of the Best of the Best” list for 2011. The list itself reads like a Who’s Who’s of recent romance.To be in honorable mention distance of that company is flattering indeed.

And some news from the foreign rights desk: The Heir has been published in Japanese, and is headed for publication in Turkish as well. “The Heir,” “The Soldier,” and “The Virtuoso,” will come out in Spanish next year, and “The Heir,” and “The Soldier,” have just been slated for publication in Germany. Now that would be me hooting and stomping.

This month also sees a lot of blogging on behalf of Sophie and Valentine, and a lot of blogging by Sophie and Val. Click here for the full tour, and note that most stops are also give aways.

New in the Word Corner (thanks Bette-Lee Fox!): Flawless