Nov 27 What’s Afoot

Somebody must have been very good, because the Kindle version of “The Heir” is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time, and “The Soldier” is  on sale for $2.99.Click here to put either or both in your stocking.

I’ll be signing books at Nora Robert’s Turn the Page bookstore on December 3, in Boonsboro, MD. A signing at TTP is an event, involving usually a half dozen authors, several hundred fans, and lots of fun. The store accepts virtual orders, meaning they’ll get the books signed and send ’em out to you. For more info, click here.

If you’re stumped for Christmas gift ideas, consider giving a book signed by Yours Truly. Send an SASE to Grace Burrowes at 21 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, MD 21740, including a note telling me to whom you’d like a book signed, and I’ll mail you back a signed book plate (or lots of book plates if you’re giving away lots of books). “Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish“, nominated for RT’s Reviewer’s Choice Best Historical Romance of 2011, ought to solve all your gift-giving dilemmas–right? (I believe we’re hearing Sophie’s brothers hooting and stomping.)

And some MORE news from the foreign rights desk: Ohzora Publishing, has picked up the Japanese comic/Manga rights to “The Heir.” They’ve handled the works of Barbara Cartland, Janet Dailey and other romance authors… Westhaven-san is very pleased!

Sophie and Valentine are finishing up their blog tour in the next week or so. Click here for the remaining stops, and note that most stops are also give aways.

New in the Word Corner: Quaquaversal (say it four times quickly with a straight face).