What’s Afoot December 1

Big doings! The long awaited Windham Family Tree is now on the site for your viewing pleasure. The tree is current through Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish. (Spoiler alert: EVERYBODY in the Windham family is going end up happily married sooner or later. If you haven’t read all four books yet, the tree gives away that deep, dark secret.)

I’m also very pleased to show you this cover for Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal, which will be on the shelves in May 2012. Her smile is pure Windham….

Lord Valentine has graced us with another scene deleted from The Virtuosohere.

If you’re interested in having a signed bookplate for any of the Windham books, you can get details from the site’s Keepsakes section.

New in the word corner: Pertinacious (as in Pertinacious Percival)