What’s Afoot for January 22, 2012

I have four guest bloggers lined up to help me celebrate Lord Valentine’s Day next month, and if you don’t have your signed copy of “The Virtuoso” yet, you’ll want to drop by.  Blame It On The Muse is also doing an enormous Valentine’s Day give away series, more details on both in this space soon.

Just finished polishing a draft of Darius Lindsey’s story, the nature of which surprised even me. While that MS is in “Imaginative storage” awaiting further refinements, anybody who’d like an excerpt from Nick Haddonfield’s little tale should email me to that effect. Trent Lindsey also has a story as it turns out… so many stories, not enough evenings and weekends!

With writing buddy extraordinaire Robin Kaye, I’m working on article for the April edition of The Romance Writers Report titled, “The Conflict Sanity Check.” The best part so far has been checking in with authors Joanna Bourne, Julie Anne Long, and Carolyn Jewel on the topic.

New in the word corner: A Knot of Toads