What’s Afoot for 26, 2012

“Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal” is on track for a May 1 launch date. The second sneak peek is up here, so enjoy. There will be more bonus material from this and other books as the launch nears.

February’s Lord Valentine’s Day blog series and book/Nook giveaway was tremendous fun (my commenters are the greatest) and we’ll probably be doing something much like it again around Memorial Day in honor of The Soldiers. Thanks to my guest bloggers: Robin Kaye, Livia Quinn, Mia Marlowe and Elise Rome.

The current WIP is Nick Haddonfield and Leah Lindsey’s story (Leah is Darius Lindsey’s sister, and talk about your damsel in distress…!). If you’d like an excerpt, just shoot me an email at [email protected].

Meredith Duran’s next release, “At Your Pleasure” comes out March 27. Pre-order your copy here (mine’s been pre-ordered for weeks, thank you very much).

New in the word corner: A Congeries of Talent