What’s Afoot with Grace for October 1…

Merry Christmas!!! Well, sorta. Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight is on the shelves as of October 1, and has started downloading from Discover a New Love. You do not have to join there to get the book, though you do have to register. If you DO join, Louisa is a free pick for the month of October. See all the featured selections, here.

I’m awash in fun things to post on this site, so start looking for new content just about every Wednesday. The most recent addition was a sneak peek from Percival and Esther’s story, “The Courtship,” which is available from DANL now, but will go on public download November 6. Opening chapters from upcoming releases, sneak peeks from next year’s offerings, and some deleted scenes are all on the schedule, too.

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, now might be a good time to click that button to the left. In honor of Louisa’s launch, I’ll be sending one out next week, and I try to always have unique content in the newsletters.

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