WA for March 9, 2013

I’m looking very much forward to the Virginia Festival of the Book panel on “Hoydens and Harridans: Independent Women in History and Historical Romance.” If you’re in the Charlottesville, VA, area at 10 on Saturday, March 23, please do join us. Other members of the panel be Joanna Bourne, Mary Jo Putney, Kristen Callihan, and Jehanne Wake. Though it’s slightly before his publication date, I’ll be signing copies of Darius after the panel.

For those of you anticipating publication of Nicholas, Ethan and Beckman, the plan at this point is to make those books available on every major ebook platform as of their publication dates (May, June, and July respectively), but for my print readers, the Amazon print on demand option is the one under consideration at present. This will result in a higher price, and THAT will result (on my part) in more giveaways of books and Amazon cards–promise!