What’s Afoot with Grace for April 13, 2013

I’m looking forward to the big signing at Turn the Page on Friday, April 19, but if you can’t join us, the store will do a “virtual signing.” You call and order books over the phone, and TTP will have them waiting for me (or any of the other authors) to sign Friday, then ship them out to you. Pretty cool way to snag a Mother’s Day gift (and for yourself, too!).

Over in the sidebar on this page, you’ll see a link for the print pre-order options for the Lonely Lords. I’ve gotten many questions about whether these books will be available in print, and they will be–and on all the major ebook platforms, too. We’re still waiting for the print pre-order links for Ethan and Beckman, but we expect them any day. Nick’s link is up, as are links for Gabriel, Gareth, Andrew, and Douglas. Your patience is much appreciated!