What’s Afoot with Grace for June 9, 2013

Thanks to all who helped put Ethan in the Barnes and Noble NOOK Top 100 on his release day, and apologies to all who are enduring the print-book-boogie again with this story. We’re working on solutions, but I know its’ frustrating. If you’re having trouble getting hold of a print version, please let me know.

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And this just in from the foreign desk, Turkish rights have been sold for Lady Maggie and Lady Sophie. This is my third sale to Turkey, a place I would love to visit some day.

If there’s an upcoming book for which you’d particularly like to see an excerpt, please tell me–even if the book isn’t upcoming (yet). Hadrian Bothwell (the Kissing Vicar from The Soldier) is just waiting for somebody to ask about HIS book…