What’s Afoot with Grace for September 1, 2013

Many, many thanks to all who made the blog tour and giveaways for Once Upon a Tartan so much fun. We STILL don’t have the names of all the e-reader winners, though I’m sure the list will soon be complete. Because the print book giveaways went on until literally yesterday (as I write this), those might take up to thirty days to send out. If you were a winner, your patience will be MUCH appreciated.

You might have noticed that we’re having some fun with the book pages on the website, moving covers around and grouping the books a bit differently. Things will settle down shortly in this regard, but if you spot any boo-boos or causes for puzzlement, please send me an email and let me know.

Another reason to send me an email: I’m compiling content for a Frequently Asked Questions section of the website. If you’ve wondered something–Did I have a playlist for The Virtuoso?–ten other people probably wondered the same thing. Send your questions along, and you’ll inspire me.

Gabriel, Lord of Regrets, has been named an Amazon Big Book for Fall, which means his print discount continues at Amazon for $5,39. As with all the Lonely Lords, I really appreciate your placing print orders early, because the pre-orders will decide the size of the press run. Andrew is here. Douglas here; David here. Gareth’s print version is here, but he also has a Kindle link (for $4.79) up too. (And, oh yeah, Nick, Ethan and Beckman all have mass market print versions now!)

Oh, drat–You didn’t win an e-reader in the Once Upon a Tartan E-reader Extravaganza? Cheer up–and sign up, for my newsletter. I’ll give away an e-reader with each edition until further notice. For the newsletter going out next week, I’ll send somebody an iPad.