What’s Afoot with Grace for October 6, 2013

In addition to Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait hitting the shelves last week, I saw a number of pre-order links go live for titles as far out as April of next year. These include: Gareth, Morgan and Archer, Andrew, Douglas, Jonathan and Amy, The MacGregor’s Lady, and David. I’ve linked here to the website’s ordering pages, because many of these titles are up on the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

To my Kobo readers, I know Lady Jenny and Gabriel haven’t yet become available, but they should soon. Kobo gets the e-file at the same time as the other vendors, and we’re working with them to see what can be done to ensure the file goes live at or near the on-sale date. Your patience, meanwhile, is much appreciated!

I’ll have a newsletter going out in the next week or so, and again, one subscriber will receive an iPad–Merry Christmas early, courtesy of Elijah and Jenny!