What’s Afoot withGrace For February 23, 2014

Where’s that newsletter? It’s on the way, probably early this week. I asked for some tweaks to Trenton’s cover–to be revealed in the newsletter–and that took a little longer than I’d anticipated–but it is a scrumptious addition to the Lonely Lords gallery of covers. Scrumptious! If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, click here.

Why can’t you order Trenton: Lord of Loss NOW? I keep getting this question, so I’ll keep answering it, because I’d be confused too. Trenton, Worth and Hadrian (April, May and June, respectively) are self-published titles, and the ebook vendors do not typically extend pre-ordering privileges to independent authors. When the books go live, I will sound the alarums, and yes, they will be available in print, the same as every other Lonely Lord.

And in the more scrumptious department… The first listeners have reported in on the audio version of The Duke and His Duchess, The Courtship, and Morgan and Archer, and they’re loving what they hear. James Langton, who narrates my Scottish Victorians, has done an excellent job with Percival, Esther, and assorted other Windhams. Order your downloads here.