What’s Afoot with Grace For March 22, 2014

Much happiness in the land of Windhams! Barnes and Noble has priced many series starters at $1.99, and the other retailers are matching or beating that price. The Heir is here for Kindle, and here for Nook. The Soldier is also discounted to $3.49 for Kindle and $3.99 for NOOK. Enjoy, and please do spread the word!

For those of you asking whether Daniel Banks gets his own story–I’m working on it! My Work in Progress is the first in a trilogy for Nicholas Haddonfield’s sisters, Nita, Kirsten and Susannah (Della’s too young). Tremaine St. MIchael and Nita are giving me (and Nicholas, and each other) fits, but I’ll queue Daniel up next, and keep you posted.

And then there are Tiberius Flynn’s younger sisters, Mary Ellen and Pandora who say it’s NOT FAIR that Lady Joan got the Scottish Victorian Christmas story this year….