What’s Afoot with Grace For March 9, 2014

If you ordered a print copy of David: Lord of Honor, you don’t have it yet. I’m am profoundly sorry for this mix-up, but the book will be ready to ship not later than March 25.

Trenton: Lord of Loss is on track for an early April on-sale date. Because this is my first self-Published title, you cannot pre-order it, and I cannot say exactly when each vendor will get the file up. I will thump the tub loudly when the book becomes available, though. Get ready to hold your ears!

March 25 must be the Spring Break Book Bonanza, because in addition to the books mentioned in this space last week, I see that Meredith Duran has a new historical, Fool Me Twice, and Vicky Dreiling’s What a Reckless Rogue Needs will hit the shelves on March 25 too! Happy, happy!