What’s Afoot with Grace for April 20, 2014

Enormous thanks, to my readers, for your patience and support as I’ve gotten my feet wet with my first self-published title. The iBook Store is bringing up the rear on the release of Trenton: Lord of Loss, but anybody can download both a mobi and an epub file now using the Gumroad utility (squiggly G icon thingie), on Trenton’s book page.

I’m looking very much forward to launching Worth: Lord of Reckoning next month as my second self published title. Again, the iBook Store might lag, and again, we’ll have the Gumroad work-around in place. (In fact, you can pre-order using Gumroad for both Worth and Hadrian.)

Will Hadrian be the last Lonely Lord? I’m getting this question a lot, and the answer is… not if I can help it! I have a trilogy planned for next year (May, June and July?), for Matthew Belmont (whom we met in Ethan: Lord of Scandals), Axel Belmont (his brother, whom we met in The Virtuoso), and Thomas Jennings (whom we met in David: Lord of Honor). If there are other characters you’d like to see added to the series, please let me know!