What’s Afoot with Grace for June 7

The Hadrian we’ve hoped forHadrian: Lord of Hope has gone live on most ebook retail sites, and the print version will soon be available as well. If Hadrian doesn’t fit in your summer book budget (he’s a good-sized guy), or you’d treasure a signed print copy, consider entering the Goodreads giveaway. Fifteen signed copies up for grabs (ends June 22).

Combined reading order of the Lonely Lords and the Windhams tops my list of frequently asked questions, so I’ll give it a go here. Darius is a problem (well, of course), because his tale takes nearly a year to complete. During that year, several other books start and finish, but here goes: Gareth; Andrew; Douglas; David/The Heir (same time frame, read David first, though); The Soldier; Hadrian/Darius; Nicholas; The Virtuoso; Trenton; Beckman; Ethan (same time frame as Hadrian, but fits here among Ethan’s brothers); Gabriel; Worth. If somebody can figure out a timeline spreadsheet, we’d all be grateful. Color-coded would be nice, too!