What’s Afoot with Grace for August 11, 2014

Enormous thanks to everybody who helped make the launch of The Traitor such a success. I’m exceedingly fond of this book, and it has earned enough positive reviews I can say most of my readers are too. Go, Sebastian and Milly!

If you haven’t ordered your copy of The Laird, (September 2014) Brenna and Michael Brodie’s story, you can do that when you read the first three chapters here.

The Sweetest Kisses contemporary series begins with the novella, Kiss and Tell (formerly Courtship Adjourned) which is scheduled for a November release. I’ve been asked if I’m still writing historicals, and the answer is a resounding yes. My April 2014 Regency, The Duke’s Disaster, is already up for print pre-order here, and I’m already working on another Regency trilogy (for Wee Nick’s sisters).