What’s Afoot for September 7, 2014

The Laird and his lady have received a lot of love, being named a Desert Island Keeper at All About Romance, and a top pick for September at Romance at Random. Thanks to my readers for supporting this book so enthusiastically!

The Sweetest Kisses have it covered! If you browse the website, you’ll find we have fun, pretty covers for the upcoming contemporaries, Kiss and Tell (November’s novella), A Kiss for Luck (December’s novella), and the 2015 trilogy: A Single Kiss (Jan.), The First Kiss (Feb),  and Kiss Me Hello (Mar).

Website Wonderfulness! More and more people access the internet via phones and devices other than computers. To ensure the website is responsive to that shift in traffic, we’ll be making minor changes in layout. All the fun content will still be here, but we’ll set it up so viewing it on a phone or tablets works just as easily as browsing on your PC or Mac.