On the blog this week…

I’m discussing why reading, chocolate, flowers, and a nice hot cuppa are the stuff of a great new year–honest–and I’m giving away an ARC of A Rogue of Her Own.

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2 comments on “On the blog this week…

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    Elaine says:

    As a dedicated reader and tea-aholic, it looks as if I’m set for 2018! I have also been doing yoga — not because it’s trendy, but because it gives me a regular dose of stretching and strengthening the full body. It’s about getting to know yourself and progress on your path, not about competing with others, which is a wonderful way to approach life and gain satisfaction.

    As a notorious plant killer, I have turned to succulents, since they are less finicky and don’t need as much TLC to look cheerful and green. My living room is happier with them there.

    I think I’d like to add an occasional massage to my New Year’s routine; together with yoga, it should keep some of the daily tensions of life at bay.

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a way to relax and feel comfortable in one’s own skin!

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    Ruth says:

    Sorry Grace, but this is not about already winning (though I have long been an advocate of the restorative powers of tea. None of that herbal stuff, mind you.). This completely random comment is about the cat in the photo. I don’t know if it is yours, or only a peaceful reminder, but it looks exactly like my Tessie! When I first saw it, I thought, “How is my Tessie, in Arizona, napping on a good book in Maryland?!” Ha ha!