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2 comments on “Between May and December…

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    CarolW says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with your “take” on the differing strengths and vulnerabilities of love and lovers at varying stages of life, but as a reader rather than a writer, I’d never considered the crafting of characters. Enjoyed your insights. As someone with decades as an adult, I find change inevitable and have chosen to relish the challenges it brings. Keeps life (and loving) interesting.

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    Sue says:

    Time is what I need. I am a bonafide cliche. It has taken me so long to learn not only a bunch of core truths, but also the fact that the list of what I don’t know is still loooong. But I am so far down the physical rode that there is no denying the steep decent before me. I shall love the stuffing out of my “girls” now grown to women, care for a pet or two, work to clear all of the clutter from this place before I leave the mortal realm. But if I had more time…