My One and Only Duke ARCs!!!

I’m giving away one signed ARC of My Own and Only Duke on the blog this week, also maundering on about creativity and fresh ideas.

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5 comments on “My One and Only Duke ARCs!!!

  1. 1
    CarolW says:

    Love your taje on creativity

  2. 2
    Marla M says:

    You are a great writer. I do not know how you do it but please keep it up. I hope I am a winner of the ARC but congrats to whoever wins. Thanks so much for the give away and your great stories.

  3. 3
    Jan says:

    I’m currently reading The Trouble with Dukes to my husband and we are both having so much fun and laughing so much through it. What a delightful family the Windhams are. We’re looking forward to reading every book of yours we can. Thank you so much

  4. 4
    Jane Hawley says:

    Dad’s are the best! My Dad made me believe that I could achieve anything I wished for as long as I put the work in. He was right – in an era when girls didn’t do physics and chemistry – I did!! Then I became a pharmacist in the Intendive Care Unit. Brilliant career – really fulfillOMG – thanks Dad!!

  5. 5

    Dads today need to make their children a priority in their lives. When they retire from their professional lives (as they eventually will), the lasting relationships will be with their spouse and children (and, if they are fortunate, grandchildren). I have been lucky in my life to have had a wonderful (if flawed) Dad, an amazing husband who has always been a wonderful father to our 2 children and an incredible “Poppy” to our 2 awesome grandchildren.