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2 comments on “There’s no place like home…

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    Florine Kreeb says:

    When I was young I all I wanted to do was travel any where. I was fortunate enough to see a whole lot of the world. I saw great places, met absolutely wonderful people but I learned that, truly, there isn’t any place as special as this America. I learned to be grateful for everything I have and I try to be generous to those who have so litle.
    I’m in the middle of Duchesses in Disguise and I’m loving Grey nd Francesca.

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    Sue says:

    The unique thing I can think of to contribute is that home has some sort of physiological affect on me. I come home and it feels like my blood pressure drops 20hg. I go far, I go to work, I go places I really want to see and spend time with people I really want to spend time with and even when I don’t want to leave – I still feel that decompression when I get back to my shabby little casita.