On the blog this week…

I’m giving away a copy of Tessa Dare’s The Governess Game this week on the blog, also pondering what we lose when we pick up that e-reader instead of a book.

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One comment on “On the blog this week…

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    Margaret says:

    Oh my, Grace – I’m tormented by this same issue almost daily. I waste time on the innumerable emails I receive with daily “free” or on sale ebooks, and indeed, I’ve met many previously unknown to me authors that way, some of whom only publish electronically. But in truth, if I think a book has any value at all, I want to have/touch/read it in paper!! I enjoy reading your blog, but I hope you have a wonderful respite and enjoy some good books. There are SO many of them out there. I have several of yours on my to-be-read piles surrounding my bed.