An Attitude of Bad-itude

On the blog this week... when a relatively terrible, horrible, awful, not so good day hit, I (temporarily) abandoned my gratitude list for a more effective strategy. Join the discussion here and maybe win a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card!

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One comment on “An Attitude of Bad-itude

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    Elizabeth Cecconi says:

    I cry. I get in my car, turn up the music, and I cry. I’m 55 years old and I cry. It’s cleansing for me. It releases all the emotional turmoil and allows me to think clearly for having done so. Those reactions to everyday, and not so everyday occurrences are personal. We all respond differently. As long as we have a way to dispel the bad-itude, it matters not how one goes about it…well, I guess there could be some ways to deal that should not be considered. But crying does it for me. Get in the car, drive around the countryside, and have a good cry. Sometimes there’s a little screaming involved.