Magic Questions

On the blog this week, I’m singing the praises of curiosity, a quality that can help us live longer and have more joy. Add your comment for a shot at a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card. (Consolation prize: Half off Tartan Two-Step at B&N, discount code BNPTARTAN50, and in the web store.)

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One comment on “Magic Questions

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    I became curious about a medieval knight when I proof-read my son’s college senior history paper. I have now spent more than twenty years still researching and some writing about that knight and his family and his place in English history. That knight was William Marshal earl of Pembroke, and he married the sole heir of Richard “Strongbow” de Clare, Isabel de Clare. Had Marshal not lived and been the respected knight and man of honour he was and thus elected as regent of England when King John died the Magna Carta might not have survived to become the genesis of western law. Curiosity is sometimes a passion to discover answers and follow clues wherever they lead.