Curmudgeons Are Us

Social distancing has resulted in only one significant change to my schedule. I’m blogging this week about how that has changed my outlook. Leave a comment for a shot at an ePub ARC of A Duke by Any Other Name.

Speaking of which… You’ll find a trailer for A Duke by Any Other Name if you scroll down on the book page. My only other trailer (so far!) was for When a Duchess Says I Do.

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2 comments on “Curmudgeons Are Us

  1. 1
    Phyllis Schneider says:

    I really liked your trailer!!

  2. 2
    Theresa Freese says:

    The upside of social distancing for me has been meeting more neighbors as I have been playing catch up in the garden. Cabin fever is making more people ready to speak to a stranger I think.
    The weeds are ahead of me as is usual for spring, but pulling them is good exercise. I got even more exercise trimming the Camphor tree, thank goodness I have well designed loppers! I may need a taller ladder next time though…